What’s the Biggest Problem Investors Face?

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Nov. 5 (Bloomberg) –- Variant Perception CEO and Author Jonathan Tepper discusses the U.S. Markets and what the fed would look like under Janet Yellen with Jonathan Ferro and Anna Edwards on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Many black spot in the global economy, but the things you're writing about our financial repression.

-- but the things we are writing about are financial repression.

It makes it difficult to invest.

Stocks are quite high if you are looking at price to earnings.

You are pretty much guaranteed very low investment returns over the coming years.

That is why you are very critical of the policy that has been adopted by the fed.

Janet yellen, if you read her speech is carefully, she was hawkish in the 1990s. because inflation is slow, she means the -- she thinks the fed can do a lot more.

If you think the fed has been quite accommodating right now, it is quite likely that -- she is a test with labor, the things she talks about -- she is obsessed with labor, the thing she talks about most is labor employment.

Do you think she will try to increase qe?

The question is whether her colleagues will go along with her.

I think she will be even more dovish ben bernanke.

It will be interesting to see what will happen.

You have to trade the dollar against something else.

Currency blocs like the euro but are not expanding their balance sheet will see their currencies strengthen.

The euro was at a two-year high.

Even though the peripheral countries are trying to devalue their wages, there is some internal devaluation.

Currencies are a zero-sum game.

Other central games will -- other central banks will have to be more aggressive.

That is a good place to leave it.

We will get your thoughts on

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