What's So Great About `Candy Crush Saga?'

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Oct. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Cliff Edwards reports on the "Candy Crush Saga" phenomenon and IPO. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Crush saga but i don't. you have played it.

What is so great about it?

It's addiction.

It's about -- it's a puzzle game that tries to get you through various levels print they do a good job of making it harder with each level and adding lots of levels.

That's one way that it is very different than farmville.

That has an and goal and candy crush has been around for a year and there seems to be no end in sight.

King has been around longer than zynga.

What else do they do?

They did a lot of things before this.

They tried a bunch of stuff with browser games and did not do so well.

They came up with facebook stuff on mobile and captured people's attention with these puzzle games.

That was the key to what has made them successful.

How do they avoid the same fate that zynga has seen since going public?

This is a hit driven business and without candy crush, they don't have a hit.

They get about 70% of their revenue from candy crush.

They have other games they are rolling out now.

One of the things they have done very well is transition to mobile.

Zynga had a tough time understanding mobile and getting onto mobile.

Those guys have mobile in mind when they made the switch to facebook.

Do you think this company could be more successful than zynga?

It's hard to tell.

They hired a new cfo to take a hard look at those numbers to figure out whether they should ipo and whether investors will believe in their story.

What we have right now is that one giant hit and a bunch of little hits.

We have to figure out -- they have to figure out whether those games will be as big and popular as candy crush.

We will not see the numbers until the filing is made public but what will be be looking for when it comes to the numbers?

What does king need to show in terms of revenue outside candy crush?

They have to show profitability because these games are free and people have to buy things to complete levels.

It is micro-action -- transaction-based.

They wanted to do advertising but decided night -- not to but this is based on micro transactions.

They have to show that people will buy things not only within kandy crestwood all the new games that have come out since then.

Cliff edwards, we will be watching for when that filing is made of the, thank you.

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