What's on the Agenda at Today's U.S.-EU Trade Talks

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July 8 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Caroline Hyde reports on the U.S.-EU trade treaty talks set to start today in Washington. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Countdown." (Source: Bloomberg)

It is going to be potentially the biggest free-trade deal in history.

29 countries plus the united states.

David cameron calling it at once in a generation.

It is all about slashing red tape.

They are going to be renegotiating for what ingredients you have.

I have anti-firm.

Not anti-wrinkle.

[laughter] same difference.

A different qualifications.

Can you work if you were in london, can you work in new york?

They want to make it easier and make come petition growth, the industry growth.

A could add $280 billion per year to trade.

It is a key price.

It is going to take time.

Isn't it?

Up to three years?

Up to eight -- 18 months per year.

A could be better.

I do not want to be overly cynical.

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