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Oct. 15 (Bloomberg) –- “Facebook Effect” Author and Techonomy Founder David Kirkpatrick discusses Yahoo’s earnings, acquisitions and mobile growth. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

He is the author of the facebook effect.

David, let's finally get to it.

I'm just so glad i am a tech reporter and not a political reporter.

You are not getting.


I think they came in and said, 1.0 8 billion.

-- $1.08 billion.

That was the sale figure.

What is going on at yahoo!? are they really figuring out what people want?

Marissa mayer, the ceo, trying to run it like a startup, really.

She said in the call that they are in a series of sprints.

This is the kind of language you use that you're talking to a 20- person startup.

She is basically counting on real money later.

They have some revenue but it is not growing very much at all.

It is very flat.

She has built huge growth in their online user base.

She is just behind google and facebook, globally.

20% up since she arrived.

That is a really big audience that she can monetize.

It is the classic model of bring them in and of the money will come.

I think the money has not come the way people would like.

It is the matter of turning up the gas a little bit.

Explain what that is.

Explain how that could connect with this idea.

Yahoo!, they make acquisitions.

They bought tumbler.

What do you expect them to do.

It is about the role of technology and business in social progress.

We believe everything is changing at extraordinary speed.

She understands that deeply.

She has been to our conference several times.

That's the way she thinks of her company.

She has to keep making these acquisitions.

She is in competition with google and facebook in particular, but also microsoft and others.

She cannot rest on high quality of product.

She is doing a number of things simultaneously.

Improving the software and in a sense becoming a media company.

They are building in new york city and increasing their investment of spending in the production news.

They are producing a regional web series.

To have a new platform for video with saturday night live and the daily show.

They have redone their e- mail.

They are trying to make it a little more connected.

They also have a fantastic weather app that people are excited about.

They have great products.

They do not have huge financial growth at the moment.

Is that going to change?

Actually, we are hoping it will.

The conference is november 11. we have a retreat.

We talk about the extraordinary pace that of the world is changing.


Is facing all those changes.

Q think there will be a deal?

We usually have amazing deals that come out of our event, i will say.

To bring together a group of players from around the world.

They do deals can come to all

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