What's Next for Solar Impulse?

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July 10 (Bloomberg) -- Solar Impulse's Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg discuss the adventure of flying a solar powered plan across America with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

With me, bertrand piccard and andre borschberg, pilots of solar impulse.

Can you recall some moments where you really held your breath, you did not know if this was going to succeed or not?

There were much more clouds than the expected and we did not know if we were going to be able to charge batteries enough to make it through.

The technology is so reliable that although there were clouds, it was far enough energy . what is next for solar impulse?

We are currently working on another plane in switzerland.

And we want to fly around the world in 2015 from one continent to the next, but still with a pilot and an airplane only having one pilot on board.

That will be the challenge.

We have a sustainable airplane and now the pilot will be sustainable as well.

It will be up to five days, five nights long in the cockpit.

What would you like to see changed?

It's a very confining space.

To be honest, i don't care so much about what to change in the cockpit.

I care what can change in the world thanks to the technology that we use in this airplane.

We use technologies that can divide by two the energy consumption of our world than this new product made by the industry that the world so badly needs would create job, create profit, and at the same time would protect the natural resources and the environment.

This is really what i care about.

You don't want about her mom the plane?

I don't care.

It's a privilege -- you do not want a bathroom on the plane?

It's a most extraordinary airplane that exists because it flies day and night without fuel.

Around the world in 2015. andre, if you had the choice right now, would you be flying?

I love flying.

We have clients that last 20 hours -- flights that last.

It is not a question of time passing.

We enjoy every moment.

We appreciate your moments with us.

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