What's Next for Icahn and Dell?

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Sept. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Dell Inc. and Silver Lake Management have secured enough votes for approval of their proposed $24.9 billion leveraged buyout, according to a person with knowledge of the matter. Cristina Alesci reports on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Stories we were watching today, dell and silverlight have secured the needed votes to buyout the pc maker.

Billionaire activists and investor carl icahn are dropped his bid yesterday.

Bloomberg deals reporter cristina alesci has been following the story from the beginning, and it has been a long road.

Almost the entire year, it is incredible.

Not too much of a surprise.

Once we knew that the company would allow michael dell and silverlake to change the voting, we knew it would be very easy for them to get the boat.

Carl icahn saw an impossible situation, and that said he is going to go to delaware and pressed the court on what the company's worth is.

What the current offer price is we will remain to receive -- to be seen.

You know, he could wind up going home with less.

That is unusual, we could even see a little bit more.

Is all in his gamble there.

As of right now, he has made money on this investment.

He did not win this particular battle.

What is it about delaware, and trying to do this last-ditch fight here, what happens?

The company will basically reveal the results from the shareholders.

It will be most definitely, even through all the twists and turns, the shareholders will vote in favor of it.

Then the fiscal third quarter, no regulatory hurdles here.

It will be a very quick) after that, michael dell and silverlake will be popping some cases of champagne, i'm sure.

What happens to dell?

We were talking through -- to folks throughout this whole process, what is the strategy going forward?

They came out earlier saying in the month that pc shipments were going to drop tens of percent this year.

The key for them will be to maintain that cash flow.

We have seen dell do this by slashing prices on their pcs, and maintain the sales numbers.

It is still pretty strong , $3.6 million to the last quarter.

They're going to use that cash to invest in the other side of the business, the enterprise side of the business.

The services side of the business, that dell can transform itself into.

What will be the next gc -- pc?

While the story is not over, but it is still in the end.

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