What’s Next for Gold After Fed Delays Taper?

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Sept. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Scarlet Fu and Thomas Vitiello, president at VIT Trading, put futures in focus with a look at the impact of the Federal Reserve’s tapering decision on the gold market in "On The Markets." They speak on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

When we look at the risks on feel overall in the market, what is the feel for gold rising?

I think it was priced in yesterday and caught people off guard.

Until we get about 1400, you cannot get a list.

Skewed to the upside in the near term.

Global prices will reduce a drop in 2014. how much of that is built in right now?

It is really about a real interest rates.

When they are positive, that puts pressure on the gold price.

Talk to us about demand right now.

I know a lot of what gold is doing is in reaction to the weaker dollar.

On the physical side, as soon as we get about 1300, the demand has waned.

On the investor side, they got hurt a lot last year.

Are you seeing movement there?

I think it is investor pain.

It will be very difficult to get them back in.

We need to get about 1525. that was the level we held last year.

Rex when do you see that happening?

Crystal ball.

I think the only catalyst is real interest rates.

Joining us from the nymex with today's futures in focus.

Thank you.

That doesn't for this edition of on the markets.

On the markets once again in 30 minutes.

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