What's Next for Facebook's Marketing Strategy?

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Aug. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Doug MacMillan takes a look at what's next for Facebook's marketing strategy after the company hired Gary Briggs as CMO. (Source: Bloomberg)

The job is interesting.

Facebook has done such a good job of marketing itself, one might argue.

Why now?

They are growing up a little bit.

They're about 10 -- about one year old as a private -- public company.

They have marketed themselves.

They're widely used with more than one billion users, but now they want to take control that story more.

They want to become a global brand and control the message of what facebook is.

National tv ads came out.

Do you think they are unhappy with the results of those things and that's why they want someone in charge?


The history of facebook is a series of snafus, them releasing a product that would irritate users because of privacy concerns.

They want to create a campaign from scratch that they can take to users and control the story and the message about what facebook is.

Is there also a sense this can help with advertisers?

They have done very well with advertisers much as google did by saying, here is our platform.

Come on in, the water is warm.

They are becoming an advertiser and learning to speak the same language as the coca- cola's of the world.

This is a highly coveted positions.

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