What’s Next for Cloud Computing?

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Dec. 27 (Bloomberg) –- Bessemer Venture Partners Ethan Kurzweil discusses enterprise software trends and the future of cloud technology with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television’s “Money Moves.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Cap investing, it is one of the gold standard firms in the business.

Founded in 1911 when it invested more than $4 billion more than 130 companies.

He is a partner there and he joins me from san francisco.

You invest in consumer web, mobile, cloud.

What is the most exciting idea you saw in any one of these businesses this year?

It's really good be with you.

One of the most exciting things this year is this next generation of cloud computing, software and service, taking these software and service tools and making them purpose-built just for the functions within the enterprise that need them to my things like software, sales, marketing, support, dipping them tools that are beautiful in their design and giving them wide-ranging impact within the business.

Up till now, these were functions where the tools built for them are kind of a side note, kind of a thing left in a closet somewhere, software that never gets updated.

They now get the full benefits to be able to extend their impact and be able to use functionality that they didn't have before.

It is really exciting for them.

Speaking of functionality, i know one investment you made a series and hightower, which seems like a kind of platform.

It is going to change the way the commercial real estate deals are done.

Landlords and brokers can collaborate in real-time.

This is one of those examples of a category where the software is from 20 years ago.

Because they had to maintain all the software on their facility on premise, it doesn't get updated that much.

Things that you and i take for granted in using facebook, linkedin, things that are on our mobile phones, commercial real estate workers and commercial real estate asset managers don't have access to kerry just the ability to know what is in their leasing pipeline, just to know what the forecast for their properties looks like for the next -- even next month takes a whole bunch of analysis and is done in a really clunky way.

Hightower is exciting because it enables them to have full visibility into that and have the full capability of cloud computing applied to this industry has been left behind before now.

Even if we move from commercial real estate to life streaming video, i don't know if kenny crush counts -- i don't know if candy crush counts, but you have invested in the company that lets people monitor what their peers are doing, like watching espn for a big football match up.

Think of it as espn for life gaming, which is a much bigger category than anyone realizes.

With tremendous passion for the leaders and their field of bigger game categories.

People come to these events, they -- there are certain events where people come and they see 20,000 people and they come and twitch is kind of an online version of that.

You get advanced that in some cases exceed 100,000 viewers.

People really do want to watch each other play video games?/ they don't get anxious and want to do it themselves?

There are 2 different types of people.

There are those who want to see the best in the world play, to

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