What's Next for BlackBerry?

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Dec. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Harvard Business School Management Professor Robert S. Kaplan discusses his outlook for Blackberry on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Chen's strategy is, and everybody keeps counting on some kind of gail at the company.

What kind of ceo needs to oversee a company that might be broken up.

They try to sell the company, and i think we are in the strategic process they even looked at selling pieces.

It looks to me he will take a step back.

He has brought in a new team, including somebody who has worked heavily on making acquisitions in m&a, so i think he has got to run this company now, they tried the merger process, and i think he will look at the course, which are many, and we will hear the next day or two what he planned to do, but it will be a different strategy that builds on the core strengths.

It may not be about the blackberry device maker that they have been.

Utility core strength which are many, what are some of them -- you talked about the core strength, which are many will stop what are some of them?

Technology and software, the reason they may not have sold a whole company is because people may want pieces but not the whole company because it is bleeding so much cash.

What he will have to do is shut down some of their operations.

He has got to slow the cash burn.

The biggest problem may have against the strength of the blackberry 10 is just not going well.

But they have great customer loyalty, particularly in asia, where they have a great following.

They have a great corporate relationships and loyalty.

Robert, you mentioned asia, and blackberry announcing a partnership for five years with foxconn.

Also diversifying in indonesia.

How long does it john chen have to deliver?

As long as the cache holds out, his big gun to his head is the cash burn, and as the rate of about $100 million every quarter, he does not have long, but i think the turnaround here, a turnaround here, i think john chen would say this, is probably going to take to did three years.

You will not take in the company round and one to three quarters.

That will not be possible.

I think he needs to slow the cash burn so that he can turn this around in the next two to three years.

Robert kaplan, i totally agree.

The income statement analysis is also a balance sheet come i think it is called goodwill.

I would suggest it is almost bad will now.

Is there any value on the value sheet away from cash?

Know, other than what we talked about, there is some interesting technologies in this company, and their platform, operating system, elements of their system -- the problem is when it gets down to the consumer to buy their device or a smart phone or an android phone, that would rather today by somebody else's. but they can use those strengths to serve corporate's and user companies, and it got to figure out how they want to do that.

It made me -- it may mean withdrawing from a couple of things they'd currently do.

Robert kaplan, thank you, joins us from harvard business school this morning.

Scarlett, you have one more thing on blackberry?

It looks like blackberry brand about $600 million in cash and a quarter, if i did my math correctly.

A lot of moving parts there.

There are a lot of moving parts in brooklyn as well, september 21 of last year, that was opening day, to bruce ratner's berkeley center -- berkeley center -- barclay center.

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