What's Netflix Pulled Off With Emmy Nominations?

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July 18 (Bloomberg) -- Vuguru CEO Larry Tanz discusses this years Emmy nominations which includes fourteen for Netflix with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Netflix got 14 nominations and the stars got only three.

What is your take on what they have managed to pull off?

This is really a watershed moment for programming that premieres on the digital platform.

It was not that long ago when cable shows were not given -- even eligible to win emmys or nominated and now cable entirely dominates the emmys.

We are now seeing it repeated again with digital.

Gone are the days when people will say if it is good, it would be on tv.

Netflix has established that that program out there can be on a digital first platform.

They have accomplished something here.

Even though "house of cards" has gotten critical acclaim, we don't know how many people watch it.

A company research firm found that "house of cards"i can sit for less than 1% of tv shows used by netflix of dior's as opposed to 3% for "mad men." it establishes that netflix is a high-quality place for programming and ultimately a subscriber-driven network and that is what matters.

If you remember when "mad men"firsts lost, it did not have massive redding's but it was an establishment anamc, the beach had a great original's which led to "breaking bad" "what king debt." -- walking dead." it establishes netflix as a premier player in the space and people will watch this on going for years to come on netflix.

Is it time to break out the champagne and call this the second coming of hbo?

There are some shows that netflix producers that people have not heard of.

"arrested development"got three nominations but got more when it was on the network.

"arent is the new black"just came out and that is a good show.

You should check that out.

It establishes that great programming can come from different places.

If you look at what has happened in the gains over the last 10 years, cable has taken over.

There was a time when nobody wanted to be on cable and it was a place for reruns and shows went for syndication.

Now cable is the pace -- place for the best programming and netflix is right up there.

They are up against all cable networks.

There is no broadcast nominations for this category.

I think it's as a lot and it is only the beginning.

What ted sarandos has done in a little over a year is outstanding.

They already have three shows that have been nominated for emmys on a platform that has never been in consideration before.

I think that is a watershed moment.

I don't think it is time to break out the champagne but we will all look on -- back on this time the way "it's in the city"one the first ever emmy for cable and it changed the gain for cable and hbo.

I think this is that moment for digital.

You think that netflix can become hbo?

Absolutely, they need a number of signature shows that people believe are good enough to pay a subscription for.

For hbo, it was "axed in the city" and"the sopranos." it has helped that blacks.

The other show that they have done have been well received by the audience and their subscriber base is growing.

It is hollywood so you are only as good as your last guest.

Netflix right now is poised to compete with hbo and showtime and starz and all the other channels.

How hard is it going to be for netflix to create more it shows?

You know this firsthand.

They are playing a very smart.

There are working with top talent.

They are paying budgets and rates that are comparable to premium cable.

They are in the market in the right way.

I think they have demonstrated they can launch a show very successfully.

They go straight to series, not doing pilots.

So many millions of people watched and st.

Netflix on their tv or their device that they can get a good foot prints.

If you launch a show on starz, there is a limited audience for it if you launch a show on netflix, the audience is probably bigger.

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