What’s Needed to Fix VA Dept. Troubles?

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June 30 (Bloomberg) -- Wounded Warriors Board Member Bob Nardelli discusses the Wounded Warriors Project and fixing the troubles at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. He speaks on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The government agency, you say -- i'm very encouraged with that selection.

I think he will bring tremendous rigor to an organization that needs an improvement.

I do not think it is about more money.

I think it is about operational efficiency, improving productivity.

The wounded warrior project on the board there, we financially support over 50,000 wounded warriors.

I hope bob reaches out to us because we can give him good insight as to possibly some of the things that could change to improve our service to the brave men and women out there who have protected us and allow us to do what we do every day.

You have come into companies were there needs to be a turnaround, a change of culture and a change of organization.

What would bob mcdonnell -- bob mcdonald need to do in veteran affairs?

Lead and learn and listen.

His experience will be tremendously helpful.

Give him tremendous credibility, along with his operational experience.

I think he needs to go in, function by function, facility by facility, and understand, where are they against dustin . how many patients are they looking at against test in and what kinds of services are they delivering?

My dad was a world war ii veteran who worked as a volunteer in the hospital in pennsylvania.

I got an opportunity to spend time with him and got to know folks at that particular hospital.

There is a tremendous opportunity to improve our -- service to the tremendous men and women.

A government agency, that will buy him more time?

He should not take time.

We have a crisis here of credibility and service.

Men and women are waiting in line and losing their lives.

This is not something we want to take our time to fix.

I do not mean to be cavalier, but we have got to go in quickly , make change quickly, and improve things for these men and women.

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