What’s It Like Working for Apple?

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Feb. 11 (Bloomberg) –- Entelo CEO Jon Bischke and Bloomberg’s Peter Burrows discuss Apple’s HR switch and the battle for tech talent with Cory Johnson and Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Tell us about the hr change.

I visited an area of the company that we never talk about.

-- this is an area of the company that we never talk about.

It was run by a yield professor that need jobs wrought in in 1999. steve was getting set.

The company had paid very little attention to its own management.

Steve jobs wrought in this guy to create apple university.

It is a management training program.

It is very quiet.

Very secretive.

The culture of apple came from steve jobs.

He was thinking, what happens to apple when i am not here?

This is what makes apple, apple.

There is attention to detail.

They will go through case studies.

They get 20 people from around the company -- this is mostly high-performing people.

They get them and talk about when apple is.

The new head of hr is this woman denise young.

She was running hr for the retail division.

It was about half the company.

It is the other half of the company.

Nasty runs the whole company.

Ask all of hr.

Rexx he may be the highest-ranking person with american woman -- she may be the highest ranking african american woman.

One individual designer today -- how does apple stack of these days in terms of a place to work?

Do people still want to work there and enjoy working there as much of the used to?

I think the challenge for apple is that they have rebrand, great skill.

It will be in millions.

The challenge is that they are competing with our cups.

-- start up.

You see the upside of a company likens grammar snapshot -- instagram or snapshot and a year later you have a billion dollar valuation.

For apple, you cannot offer him cap.

-- impact.

You hear stories like this?

I think here about people leaving like the resident who started their and was a former apple in late.

Tony snell.

By now he is that google.

You see people who are talented leading out of places like google or apple and darting companies.

Maybe they get bought by the mothership again.

I met with some real estate people recently.

They are seeing companies like instagram and looking for their next office eight.

-- space.

They want to use that space as recruiting space.

I want to show off that they have a fancy office.

We have a fish tank.

Which we have a bloomberg too.

And there's a big financial upside if you work there.

Everybody offers the foosball table or whatever these entered is.

-- standard is.

Thank you covered apple for more than a decade.

You got a call from steve jobs in the early days when he was personally calling journalists.

Have you noticed the true shift in the way that talent views working apple?

It was a golden age when he was there.

You knew that whatever you are working on was going to change the world.

There will be good money, not great money, but your options help you do well.

This was a very singular place.

That is not the case.

On the other hand, a lot of the people who go to apple want to build products.

They do not want to be contract manufacturers.

There are not that many greek product shot.

There is an interesting example.

Next -- nest, a little harder company, will make a ton of money.

Maybe this can be done.

We will see what happens.

You have seen the size of companies making physical stuff and they appear in silicon valley and no.

-- san francisco.

It has given harbor on -- hardware entrepreneurs eight opportunity.

Some of those projects have walked.

Hardware is a difficult thing to do.

Thank you so much for joining us

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