What Is It Like to Ride an Electric Motorcycle?

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June 23 (Bloomberg) -- Zero Motorcycles CEO Richard Walker discusses the company’s electric motorcycles and competition from Harley Davidson on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

When you have the world's most iconic motorcycle brand but a stake in the ground and say that the electric motorcycle is the future, it is very exciting for everybody involved.

What it basically says is that electrics are not scooters anymore.

They are serious motorcycles.

Has that been your biggest issue and trying to ramp up your company?

Electric is not new -- electric is new.

It takes time or people to understand that, to get intrigued by it, to go and write it.

--ride it.

-- ride it.

They have an amazing grin on her face and it is usually accompanied by what our fantastic or unbelievable.

Do they buy the bike?

I wish they were buying and more volume.

That is for sure.

It does take time to grow.

We are certainly growing at a rapid rate.

The market is small.

We have are the ground that about 50% of the available market.

We are pleased with the growth we have got at this point.

How many bikes are we selling?

The market is a percentage of the worldwide market.

When we see our growth, we have already surpassed our 2013 revenue already this year.

It is easy to see why.

When people get on the bikes, it is a very different writing experience -- riding experience.

It is a very thrilling ride.

It is just an experience that you have to experience it to decide you want to buy one.

The fact that there is no noise, i think is probably what is preventing some people from buying bikes like yours.

Noise is an interesting factor.

You take harley davidson that is world-renowned.

They are saying they are doing an electric motorcycle.

The focus is really on the purity of the riding experience.

That is what people see and feel when they get on our bikes.

If you are riding, you can hear the birds around you.

It is a different experience.

It is free.

It is just like everything the motorcyclists like.

And the fun.

But richard, ok, another problem people may have is the same problem i have with electric cars, which is how my going to fill it up?

Oh my going to recharge it?

Where are the recharge stations?

First of all, if you have the ability to plug it in at home, you can just do that.

And that sense, the infrastructure is pervasive.

But you are right.

It is not when you are going to easily be able to across the country on.

But it is one you can enjoy.

There are an array of customers.

People who are returning riders.

People who stop for it period of time.

We have people who had a bike to an existing stable of motorcycles.

Then we have the people who use them for practical purposes, meaning commuting and anything, any local errands you want to do.

It is important that you understand how you are going to be using the motorcycle to make sure it has the range to be able to get you there and back.

What is your range on your bikes on average?

The standard bike is 137 miles around the town.

If you want to add an additional module, it can take it up to 171. you get half of that range on the freeway speed.

Is hardly going into this segment, your segment, is that going to have to make you change what market you are targeting, who you're targeting?

Not at all.

We are a small company.

We are ready and prepared to

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