What's In Store for Mysupermarket in the U.S.?

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July 22 (Bloomberg) -- Mysupermarket CEO Allon Bloch discusses the success of the online grocery company in the U.K. And plans for the U.S. Market with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

We add them into our system.

Right now, we have the eight largest retailers that serve nationally in the u.s., and we will add more retailers.

The more they move on line, the better for our customers, and the more choice.

People complain that some things are up race to market, and some things, well, they have to pad a little bit, like any business, but your side is talking about showing where the products are the cheapest, and then you make up your mind.

The fundamental change we have is that we work for the shopper.

We help the shopper optimize their savings.

So the price gaps against retailers on identical brands are huge.

The price gap is typically around 40% to 50% on identical products.

You could buy pampers or heinz ketchup and massively over pay.

We treat transparency.

Replat information from the top online retailers, including the amazon, walmart, and we show you the prices at the product level.

When you choose a product, we choose it for you at the lowest price, and that we optimize it and bring the shipping down to zero.

Ok, how do you do that?

If you find one company that has, , pampers that has the best price, but the best price for heinz is in a different shop.

How do you do that business?

We are essentially the smart information later.

You might it two or three deliveries, but your savings could be significant.

Our average savings is around 20%, so that is significant.

As we said, you have a great attraction in the u.k.. you have about 10% using your service.

What about the difference to the u.s.? how are you preparing yourself to do business here?

Similar products, and the market's moving on line.

More and more people are trying to shop for things online.

Toilet paper, bounty paper towels, all of the products were you care about the brand, but you do not care about what retailer it gives it to you.

And, obviously, they are not perishable, so there is more flexibility as far as the delivery rose.


We mentioned venture capital.

How are you going to use the money?

Over several years, we are using the money on improving our product and going heavily into mobile.

We are not just going to launch our mobile in the u.k.. we will launch it in the u.s., and we want to have it so that people can use it wherever they want, online or mobile.

And i know that you have visions that are a little bit beyond household goods.

I read about office supplies.


You are looking into new verticals, as well.

Yes, a basket of items that are too painful for consumers to shop, i can help consumers do a better shot that is focused on what they need.

We're going to remain in the areas where, again, paper is paper, where we want to get the brand or the product, but you do not want to overpay.

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