What’s Hot at This Year’s Tribeca Film Festival?

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April 17 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Stephanie Ruhle has your inside look at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival with the event’s chief creative officer Geoffrey Gilmore and director of programming Genna Terranova on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

You watch a lot of films and short periods of time like three months we will watch six or seven films a day but you have to be open to different kinds of films.

That's the most important thing so you don't just choose one kind or another.

You want to do the whole spectrum.

What is the right mix of first-time filmmakers and established?

We are mostly emerging filmmakers which can be first or second time and we have a mix of some more established filmmakers like roman polanski and a famous documentarian.

We try to create a balance.

I would say we are probably heavier on newcomers.

That is one of the main tenets of the festival is discovery to bring new voices into the world for the audiences.

I know you don't have a favorite film but as you go through dozens and hundreds of films, is there something you're looking for, like a feeling?

I always say originality.

It gets down to quality but you look for something that is original and something that catches your attention.

After you've watched thousands of films over my lifetime, you get to a point where you say that is different and you did not expect that.

That is a great thing to happen.

It is execution but it's also surprised.

What is different about the tribeca audience than other festivals?

It's new york.

It's as sophisticated an audience as you can find but it's also something that gen and i are interested in programming things that don't necessarily have to be commercial or be necessarily have an eye toward the marketplace although we have a lot that are.

There are many phones that get bought out of tribeca but that's not our singular agenda.

When the festival began, much of it was about rebuilding tribeca.

Now you have gotten so big, have you outgrown tribeca?

I don't think we've outgrown tribeca.

One of the tenetsa we live by his community and that is downtown.

There is a whole range of communities in new york in different filmmaking communities.

In terms of how to showcase work to audiences even outside of new york, we are looking toward what a festival of the future will become.

That will have some online presence and be a festival which utilizes festivals not just for visibility but hopefully to jump into other markets and hopefully to be available for audiences are different formats.

People talk about where films are headed and delivery systems and pipelines and digital strategies.

We should be talking about content.

What are the new kinds of content?

How is narrative intersecting with gaming and the new business?

That is what we are trying to have that conversation about.

What about the music market?

This is the second year in a row you're kicking up with the music documentary.

What does that say about the direction you are headed?

It is timing and we are fortuitous to have a film and nas having the 20th anniversary of an album that changed the world of rap when it came out and have him come and perform after the movie is lightning in a bottle.

Music is very much a part of filmmaking and storytelling.

If we can find films that can celebrate both, that's great.

Film and music go hand-in-hand.

In the old days, festivals were very insular of vents.

You have to know about film culture to come into it.

Now what tribeca tries to do is talk about music and sports and fashion and business and politics -- this whole spectrum of issues that are introduced not only through the documentaries we show but a range of different kinds of communities which are -- we reach out towards print do you have a favorite movie?

Not in the festival.

I have a favorite childhood movie.

" ghostbusters." there are moments in time where there is that movie where you can capture a part of your life.

That would be one but there are plenty of movies.

There are directors i love like kubrick and martin scorcese.

Is there anything at the festival you're most excited about?

I'm excited about the quality of the documentaries.

Watch the "lego movie,"" beyond the brink." watch movies about serious and difficult subjects.

It brings you into the festival with different stories and leaves you wanting more.

Geoff gilmore is a true authority.

When he left sun dance, it was

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