What’s Holding up an Apple-China Mobile Deal?

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Dec. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Crid Yu, North America VP & managing director at Inmobi, discusses the delay in an expected deal between Apple and China Mobile on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

You also help set up google's operations in china, hong kong, and korea.

We all know the chinese government can be difficult to work with, but why is it taking so long?

Certainly there has been a technology factor, which it turns out 4g is actually not available in china until very recently.

But they just got a license.

Which allows the users to take full man -- advantage of the iphone services.

China speculation is that china mobile is the world's largest carrier, the largest carrier in china by far.

Might have been or have more difficult to deal with, and apple is certainly dominant in its segment.

You have a clash of two titans trying to reach an agreement.

You can only imagine how difficult the discussions might have been cared greg they just got a 4g license.

I thought i was the last thing they needed.

Which is why we think the deal will happen.

What are the details?

Is unclear.

I think it has to do with the economics.

We as a china mobile doing deals with other handset providers with 4g with others.

You helped set up google in china, when it comes to a u.s.- corporation, how does this work?

There are a couple of things that are interesting about china.

Everybody is fascinated by the size, but we have to remember that china is so large that it is an ecosystem within itself, so certainly the government has a set of policies and practices that to a non-chinese business would seem much different, maybe much like japan was in the 1980's. having done business there, you have to appreciate that china has its own ecosystem.

You have a different set of partnerships, a different set of protocols, a different set of integration do you have to do.

You cannot just walk into it, shut up salt -- set up shop and expected to sell.

Other carriers do already sell the iphone.

This is a beijing website for china mobile.

It is taking orders for a phone, a four g phone, and there are pictures of this phone on the website, and it looks exactly like the iphone 5s, and the three colors at the iphone 5s comes in, there is a golden apple, what are they doing?

It is really a tease, isn't it?

It is almost like a silhouette, before the performer comes on stage.

If you look at the name, the codename means a star, or bright star.

What they're saying, i think, if we have a star that is about to be unveiled, here is the silhouettes, place your orders now.

It seems a little dangerous of the deal have not been done.

Which is why most people think it was going to be announced earlier today.

So what is the timeframe?

Is this just a matter of when, not if?

I do not have information on that.

Most people, and i just talk to our china colleague, everybody believes it is imminent.

From us, certainly we think a large amount of pickup, even without china mobile pairing with the iphone, certainly sales have gone up in the last month or so because the other two carriers are carrying it or.

From inmobi's point of view, we are excited.

This will stimulate apple's iphone sales in china and globally toured if or when this will happen, how does it affect samsung, xiomi, others?

Certainly android includes -- enjoys a huge market share in china.

We have to remember that china mobile is the largest carrier in the world and the largest carrier in china by far, 65% market share in mobile, just to give you a idea of how big they are.

Analysts would say that doing this deal would give apple 17 million new users next year, which is a drop in the bucket compared to 750 million that china mobile has.

The entire country has about 19 million smartphone users.

70 million is almost like adding

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