What's Hiding Inside Google's Secret Lab?

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Dec. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Google has acquired seven companies for a robotics project led by Andy Rubin, former head of the Android software unit, as the world’s largest online search provider pushes beyond its roots. Brad Stone has more on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Possibly be working on?

I wouldn't say first.

This is characteristic of how google operates.

This has always been characteristic of how google operates.

This is very similar.

His passion is robotics, and they allowed him to pursue this.

We don't know where it is going to lead.

Maybe tilting motorola phones easier.

So automating assembly lines.

He has the company re-think robotics.

A lot of people think about how to use this technology in manufacturing to help streamline and make processes more efficient.

The timing is interesting.

Are they trying to one up amazon and their drones today?

Definitely not.

I think larry page announced he was doing something back in march.

There were some questions.

We all wondered.

Kudos for i think forcing google to acknowledge he was acquiring these companies.

Google has been interested in package delivery.

A have then experimenting there, which is amazon's turf.

To robot the size the delivery process.

You are already more than -- to robot the size -- roboticize the delivery process.

You are already more than halfway there.

Talk to me about andy rubin.

He was the most important executive in many ways.

He joined in 2005. he turned it into a strong foray to compete with the iphone.

Steve jobs was so angry because he thought google had copied apple.

He tells me he flies a drone over his house as a security precaution.


You have gotten a look at google glass, but this is separate.

This is not happening within google.

They are very similar.

This is a project no one in their right mind would start at google.

It is so different from their original business model.

And he wanted to do this on his own.

Clearly there is a very similar egos, very expensive.

You want to get him outside of the primary business.

As i understand, andy rubin's new department is going to try to put out products sooner rather than later.

I would say we know very little about the timeline.

We don't know what form this is going to take.

Will you be selling or providing technology like motorola?

A lot of these don't make money.

Google glass is barely on the market.

How does this add to the business?

There has been a lot of talk about whether they are distracted by these objects when their main business is advertising.

I would say financial return is not a short-term consideration.

All of the companies are competing to be the biggest on the block for i to help with recruiting and image.

The whether balloons have huge financial issues, but that is

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