What's Going on in the Solar Industry?

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July 2 (Bloomberg) -- Mosaic Co-Founder and President Billy Parish and Bloomberg's Ehren Goossens discuss the latest news in solar power with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)


Eric, layout the plan from the president to deal with climate change.

We have two big dynamics going on in the solar industry.

You have the falling price of panels and ryding utility rates.

-- and rising utility rates.

Those two things together make for a changing industry.

It could happen either way because it is just economic.

Could you talk a little bit about how you got to be involved in the renewable energy space?

I have been working in solar my whole career.

I started the largest youth organization in the world on clean energy and climate change called the energy action coalition.

What is its mission and what is it designed to do?

It is about creating a clean energy future that so many of us want to see.

We started at college campuses, making them models of the future, getting them to commit to buying 100% clean energy and then we spread out to cities and worked on federal campaigns to past policies to get to 100% clean energy.

It sounds like without political pressure this is not going to happen, even if the economic dynamics are good -- the falling prices with the chips, the increased prices of electricity.

Aren't there subsidies involved?

There are definitely subsidies involved.

A lot of the subsidy that is involved is in the form of a tax credit going out until 2016. it is a pretty stable market in terms of policy for investors.

With a product like mosaic or others, investors have the opportunity to make quite a bit of money and a steady return over a pretty long time frame.

That is pretty attractive, especially when you compare it to some of the rates you get now with your checking account, savings account.

It is not a bad return.

It up on a rooftop, it is pretty low risk.

Billy, how does solar mosaic work?

People come onto our platform that join mosaics.com.

Like kickstart, they get to choose the projects that they want to involve themselves in.

As it generates it pays the customers back.

Billy, what about the use of tax credits and government funding in order to get these kind of returns?

I mean, you are not willing to put a solar panel on your rooftop unless it cost beneficial compared to other sources of energy, right?

The cost of solar technology has come down 80% in the last four years.

Before too long, the agents -- the industry will not need those kinds of subsidies.

But if you look at where coal and oil and gas has gotten over the years, clean energy has gotten much less than that.

It is important for the industry to continue to support the growth of this industry and make it economical for investors to participate.

And eric, isn't there also a technological challenge when it comes to solar power because it is difficult to store electricity and difficult to deliver it into the grade on a continuous basis.

There are days when it rains and days when it is cloudy.

How did those challenges get matt?

What we're seeing now with a lot of utilities, those have a lot of fixed costs.

With your bill, for example, the cost is not even a generation.

Delivery is expensive.


What a lot of them are doing is keeping that stepping going straight to your source, straight to your rooftop and generating there.

The technology is pretty advanced.

I think we are seeing now, if you look at germany for example, which is now looking a lot more at a power system for the solar energy, it is increasingly more competitive that you be able to store electricity at your home.

Billy, what about those who do not use renewable energy?

Are they subsidizing those who do by their tax dollars because they are not getting a rebate for using fossil fault -- fossil fuel, for example?

There are all kinds of energy created improves the reliability of the air and clean as the grid.

There are more than just -- there are more reasons to invest.

You can invest on a solar project on some of his home, on a business in your community.

We are creating new ways for people to board is the biggest thing in a way that is universally popular.

And almost everyone in america says we should be using more clean energy.

Now there are ways to drive that forward.

Eric, how clear are the renewable mandate's the the standards -- the renewable standards mandates that california has passed, for example?

What mosaic is doing it on the residential side, and that is more on the business side.

We are seeing a two-pronged attack.

On that end, you are getting a lot of these mandates that are making it difficult to build a new coal power power plant.

We're seeing companies that are in the process of being acquired, for gamble, by warren buffett.

Yours -- for example, by warren buffett.

You are seeing very large scale as well as at people's homes.

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