What's Driving the Surprise Gains in Auto Sales?

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July 1 (Bloomberg) -- S&P's Efraim Levy discusses U.S. auto sales in June with Mark Crumpton on "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

Reputational hit gm suffered because of this crisis?

I was surprised they had numbers for fundamental reasons.

They actually did ok last month.

Recall -- recalls are part of the business.

General motors can handle news.

You don't want this to be the headline all the time.

It is not like they are a one trick pony.

They actually had to leave the states.

Gm had a brand that keeps them coming.

How did they look to you for gm?

The fundamentals look good.

I felt it would be a payback for this month because of the timing of their fleet sales that made comparisons more difficult.

We think you have a good economy, you had several months in a row of 200,000 new jobs of the stock market and record high's. there are a lot of old vehicles that need to be put into place and a lot of new technology that brings people into the dealership.

Was this more about gm and perhaps its new models or is it more about improving a market over all?

I think they get a benefit from both.

I think generally the industry will do well because of favorable economic environments.

We expect 16.1 million vehicles.

That is up 3.4%. there are costs dinging them in the profit zone.

It is good news for them.

In chrysler u.s. auto sales jumped.

Why was the pace so strong last month?

Unfortunately chrysler is a company that is not publicly traded.

Historically they have been doing very well and all companies would like to see that type of growth.

Today begins the mark fields era at four -- at fort.

What are his biggest challenges?

He really has to continue with his predecessor did.

That is really his plan.

In terms of areas that are challenges, it is the same one that alan mulally would face, that is fixing europe and challenges in south america, where there has been weakness, and making sure they see the growth plans in china, which they seem to be doing.

Ford was down 6% last month.

The cutbacks for the pickup, how much did that hurt?

I think part of the issue is they are coming in with new vehicles.

Some people are nervous about the fabrication.

I think ford is prepared for that but that could impact the sales earlier this year for the f series.

Toyota and nissan saw sales increase over last june.

Where are they positioned relative to automakers?

They're not as well positioned in terms of trucks.

The toyota company is very strong with its previous.

No one competes with them in that economical arena.

If you're going to buy a hybrid that is the one you're going to choose.

It is kind of eight -- kind of a cars versus trucks dichotomy.

U.s. auto sales, are they on track to equip that 16.51 vehicles that were sold back in 20 -- in 2007? this year i am looking at 6.1 million vehicles.

I think they're all-time high was closer to 17 million.

Them at least where the automakers are in terms of the summer months in fourth of july sales and trying to get people into stores, are they positioned to see a good july?

I think they are positioned to do a good sales number for july except you just have to remember some seasonal issues.

I think that is a positive and it will get a lot of people to

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