What’s Causing the Tech Stock Selloff?

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April 7 (Bloomberg) -- Stocks dropped around the world, with European markets falling from a six-year high, amid a global selloff in technology shares. Olivia Sterns reports on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Heading into the open, a look into the selloff.

Nobody really knows what the cause has been.

A lot of analysts think it is a correction and stocks that ran up to far, too fast.

The names that soul of the most on friday -- facebook, netflix.

Some of the biggest winners of the bull rally.

The 10 worst performing nasdaq stocks rallied 134% in 2013. sounds like a healthy correction.

Value actions -- violations on the massacre still double the rest of the market, 31.8 times earnings, almost twice the ratio for s&p. the biggest winners are losing a little bit of steam.

No clear trigger in this selloff.

Is it short-term or something bigger?

For big names like tesla and twitter, they have seen a pretty big correction since they have fallen from their peak.

Twitter off more than 40%, linkedin down 35%. one way to gauge the mood of the market is to look at what the options market is telling us.

Friday we saw a surge in bearish puts on a nasdaq etf.

The most bearish puts were bou ght on the q's since the flash crash in 2010. more than 2 million options contracts traded hands, the most since lehman went bankrupt.

That suggests a lot of anxiety.

There are still buyers, seven out of 10 of the most active

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