What's Behind Unemployment Insurance Politics?

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Jan. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson reports on unemployment insurance. (Source: Bloomberg)

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In politics, it is a new year and back to business.

President obama is back from vacation.

He is feeling optimistic about 2014. we look forward to all of the possibilities of the year to come.

We resolve to better ourselves and relationships with one another.

Sounds good.

There is a lot on the plate this first couple of weeks.

The senate is convening today and the house returns tomorrow.

Two items on the agenda, extending unemployment insurance and passing the budget approved by the house for christmas.

Unemployment is still very high, at seven percent.

Is that all there is to it?

This is part of a much larger effort to turn away from the problems of the health care law, healthcare.gov, and toward issues like raising the minimum wage, issues they think will play better with the voters.

It is political for the democrats and republicans.

They will look at a three-month extension.

They have one republican on board and a bunch of democrats are on board behind it.

Can they hit that magic 60 mark?

Put the pressure on house republicans to move forward with this.

House republicans don't want to touch this.

They don't want anything to do with unemployment or extending benefits.

It will be a big thing if they can put pressure on them when they get back.

Given the prospects of midterm elections, how much can republicans really fight this at the end of the day?

A lot of those are in hard-hit districts where unemployment is very high.

You are hitting where the white house thinks.

They are in a good position.

They look at where these red districts are and the people that benefit from these emergency benefits the most.

They think republicans will not have a choice.

This is a fight they want to have and is willing to have.

They feel like they are in the winner's seat here.

John boehner has to figure out, can you attach this to something else and can it be paid for?

Have to look at the farm bill provision, but how boehner can do that, that is the big question.

It is not cheap.

$6 billion is the price tag for sending it three months.

It is about $25 billion if they extend these emergency benefits for the full year.

There's talk about a trade-off with the farm bill, some subsidies being cut.

They be that could be the pay forward here.

Republicans will insist they gets paid for in some way or fashion.

There is still the whole we cannot agree with anything mindset going on in capitol hill.

Some of the democrats, they are not sounding friendly towards their colleagues across the aisle.

Republicans in congress went home and let the lifeline expire.

We are fighting against people who are antigovernment.

Wire my afraid?

A couple months ago two thirds of the house of representatives voted to keep the government closed and default on the debt.

If on the first day of the new session the republican party will not support unemployment benefit extension, the original round was started by george bush.

We have never had as many ideologues as we have had as we do today.

This is typical for republican members of congress.

Not republicans.

Denying families security is kroll.

We are a better country than that.

We do not abandon fellow americans.

We keep the faith with them until they start the new job.

Democrats have someone keeping the faith -- the pope.

Harry reid pushes colleagues to a deal with the issue of income equality.

The response, we have a strong ally on our side in this issue,

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