What's Behind the Sweet Success of Cinnabon?

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Sept. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Duane Stanford reports on the success and growth of Cinnabon. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

But the ceo is looking to make less fatty and caloric cinnabons and decided not to do that.

This brand has passionate lovers.

There is guilt and shame over twitter over this brand.

With the love comes this guilt, because it is it hundred 80 -- it is an 880-calorie classic role, and people are becoming more and more concerned about calories.

Because of this pressure in the air, they wanted to at least take a look at should be at least -- or should we use artificial ingredients?

They decided that is not the way to go and we have a small version already anyway.

The fact that she is going full force into full fat, why are sale so hot?

First of all, they're adding stores.

They are up to about 1100 stores now.

They're expanding overseas rapidly as well.

Another big part of the business -- they are approaching $1 billion in retail sales -- are the 72 license products you can find on grocery store shelves.

Everything from pillsbury pop-up though -- dough cinnabons to coffee creamers.

The bakery feeds the image.

They call it the center, the thing that fuels the love for cinnabon.

It extends to the store shelves were people buy the products that have the same trademarks.

One you had one yourself?

I spent some time and i went to the entire process and got to see exactly how it is done.

It is like an industrial bakery, but it has touches of homemade, 1100 stores.

They have the process down pat.

More important, did you eat them?

I did.

I had my first cinnabon, actually.

I wanted to go through the experience of eating a cinnabon -- oh, my god, you had never even one before?

I had not eaten one, right.

This was fresh out of the oven.

I sat down and ate it and wanted to write about the extremes.

Very interesting, very sweet.

I'm surprised you have never eaten one.

Everybody who is into a mall has in cinnabon.

That has eaten a cinnabon.

I am more -- everybody who has been to a mall has eaten a cinnabon.

I am more of a steak and potatoes guys.

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This morning's mover and shaker is the intel ceo, who is trying to break into the market for mobile phones and tablets.

Intel says it has a new line of chips for mobile devices.

He says they are designed to fit into small devices.

Intel dominates the personal computer market, but pc uses shrinking while the market for mobile devices is expected to double this year.

Small base, but fast growth.

Coming up, lowering the lines

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