Why Nike's CEO Is Being Compared to Steve Jobs

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Oct. 9 (Bloomberg) –- Nike CEO Mark Parker speaks at Nike's Investor Day. Stephanie Ruhle reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

In oregon.

Technology and nike have always gone hand-in-hand, right?

Without a doubt.

Mark parker kicked off the day talking about numbers.

Remember, they are expected to hit $30 billion by 2015. they're going to hit that, and now they are expecting $36 billion in 2017 year the stock is now hovering around highs.

If you look at digital numbers, for 2013, they are expected to be about 540 million dollars.

Kick that up to $2 billion to put out digitally by 2017. people have said this is a marketing committee that sells shoes.

Clearly, it is so much more than that.

When mark parker got up to speak, it was all about innovation.

When we combine our resources, the strength of our product innovation, our expanding manufacturing capabilities, we call this innovation amplified.

It is a powerful driver for growth and one that will define not only nike that the entire industry.

Innovation amplified -- remember, mark parker is more than just a ceo.

He has been with the company for decades and started as a designer.

He is still a designer.

It is often why he gets compared to steve jobs.

Steve jobs was a design enthusiast.

Mark actually takes out a paper and pen and does it himself.

He talks about a succession plan . he said the new management structure they have in place in 2013 as the company completely aligned.

If you think about where they are innovating, talk about their flynet sneaker.

It only retails for $150. it has been a breakthrough for runners.

And it has been a winner from a fashion perspective.

Tons of people are wearing their wrist bands.

They have a new one coming out next week.

People say that is the big innovation.

I do not know if there is a more interesting company van nike.

In terms of innovation, what are competitors doing?

Perfect question.

Who are the competitors?

One would think a adidas or under armour.

Let's talk patents.

Nike has matured over 600 at and spirit adidas, 30. under armour, 24. apple has 500 and the last year.

They look more like an apple than adidas did remember how apple performs?

We look at apple as a company that puts out incredible products that focus on design.

That is also what nike does.

Cool stuff.

Nice to see the new fuel band as well.

Cool is an understatement.

Everyone on the east coast is talking about the shutdown.

In oregon, they are lighting it up.

And some people talking about

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