What Richard Branson Thinks of Apple’s Beats Deal

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May 9 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson previews his interview with Virgin’s Richard Branson. He speaks with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)


What did he say about it?

He talked about where he was at in the music industry.

Virgin records really launched the career of richard branson.

He has this great perspective, and he feels like he was no dope to get out of the business when he did, before apple came in and change things.

Apple's new moves, it may be a small way of giving back what they have taken.

It would be great if it could succeed and artists could make a bit of money out of it.

His notion is that when itunes music came in, they change the economics of the industry.

That happened so much in the wave of napster and the record industry in l.a. and new york really freaking out about digital music.

Everybody except for sony striking those deals learn -- early on.

Live artists still making money, but everybody else is suffering.

He's thinking this might be a way for the company to find a new economic model with the artist.

He made a good move, getting out of the music industry when he did.

Branson and virgin airlines are in a big fight right now.

I know that he has been insisting this is a monopoly that american airlines and southwest have in place.

He wants to be able to offer more competition in that marketplace.

What did he tell you about it?

The two main airports in the dallas-fort worth area are dfw and dallas-fort worth airport.

And then the alternative airport in dallas.

It has grown so much under southwest.

Southwest has 90% of the gates there.

Branson and virgin america fighting for that other 10%. we could expect news from that at any minute today.

I think governments need to realize the benefits of competition.

Let's take love field in dallas.

90% of the slots are controlled by southwest.

The local government are thinking of giving the final 10% to southwest rather than letting virgin america compete.

It seems very obvious that the people who live in dallas and the people traveling to dallas would benefit from competition.

This decision could come at any time.

It's interesting to look at branson.

These very regulated industries at the same time working the music industry.

A fascinating guy you cannot get enough time with.

We are going to run that whole interview on "bloomberg west" next week.

He's an interesting guy indeed read -- indeed.

Thank you very much.

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