Disruptive Drone Future a Job Creator: Pilkington

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Dec. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Dronedeploy Co-Founder and CTO Nick Pilkington discusses drone technology with Scarlet Fu on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

It is very exciting to consider what will happen with the drone future.

It looks like the initial applications will be agricultural, oil and gas pipeline.

That is followed by package delivery and even public transport.

What kind of regulation is needed to oversee safety and privacy?

The primary concern is safety.

We need to come -- and sure they are safe and reliable and can get the job done.

What is the biggest technological hurdle in terms of making them available?

There are a number of aspects.

A lot of technological challenges and educational challenges.

It is a new technology.

Potentially game changing technology of our generation.

But for too long it has been associated with the military.

I will stop you right there, because one of the things that drones are associated with is potentially killing jobs.

How is the industry right now responding to accusations that drones may take jobs away from lower paid workers?

They are going to be disruptive because they are in new tech allergy.

It will be whole new industry centering around drum tech knowledge he.

It will be multibillion-dollar industries.

-- it will be a whole new industry catering around drum technology.

-- donerone technology.

Is the government going to allows 3042 drones over colorado?

They will integrate them in the commercial airspace by 2015. they seem to be mostly on track with the roadmap.

There have been a couple of concerns from privacy advocates that need to be dealt with, but by and large, it seems to be going ahead.

How does amazon's announcement impact startups?

Amazon has identified the good, commercial use case.

They are looking to the future.

It is these companies legitimizing the space.

They are saying this is an exciting new technology and can make a difference.

Is amazon challenging you to create software for drones five years into the future?

Not necessarily.

I think they are looking ahead at the big technologies and starting to get ahead to use them.

So you do not think amazon will be competitive in the field for the startups that are attracting the venture capital right now?

Not necessarily.

It is all very early on in the space.

To that end, we are all trying to root together to show what a difference they can make.

Nick pilkington, certainly something we will monitor.

Nick pilkington joining us from san francisco.

I am going up the west side of manhattan on the curving down to look wordier and get down to 3000 feet and i am worried about drones?

I thought i would have to worry about seagulls.

As a pilot, you wonder.

We will be right back in

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