What People Are Buying on eBay This Holiday Season

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Dec. 6 (Bloomberg) -- eBay Marketplaces CEO Devin Wenig discusses how eBay drives marketplace momentum with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Offer their own marketplace, how are they making their marketplace better?

Jon erlichman is back with more.

You are right about that.

The marketplace is more than half of the revenue.

Two thirds of the operating income.

The guy who runs the business -- i found myself wondering what he was buying this holiday season.

Game consoles -- lots of them for my kids.

The world's biggest store.

I asked that because you are obviously data-driven.

What can you tell us about what the average customer is buying?

Are there any major differences between players out there?

The amazing thing is that it is the world's largest store.

It is over half a billion items for sale.

There's not a particular thing that people buy.

It becomes very deals driven around the holidays.

It is electronics and fashion oriented.

Particularly since thanksgiving, we have seen a lot of electronics and fashion and jewelry.

There was a story about the amazon drone idea.

John donahoe told emily chang that they are not focused on long-term fantasies.

You do have core retail partners fell.

Have you received questions from them and what it all means for ebay?

We do not focus on drones and robots.

Consumer convenience is critical.

Getting things to people in a way that they can trust, quickly and efficiently, is critical for the future of digital commerce.

Our response to that is ebay now.

It is linking inventory with people and stores and retail with local shopping.

That is a great solution.

It is efficient.

We will scale it to 25 markets next year.

The future will see.

There is a lot of capacity and there.

It does point out a big difference between us and competitors.

Ebay is humanistic.

We do not have the view that technology will replace people or retailers or merchant.

It will transform retailers, but not replace them.

You mentioned that you are buying game consoles.

There's a story about a father who thought he was buying an xbox and it turned out to be a photo.

How do you deal with those kinds of stories?

What is critical is that we have retail standards.

People have confidence that what they buy is what they expected.

Anytime something goes wrong, we

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