What Patent Decision Means for Redskins Trademark

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June 18 (Bloomberg) -- The Washington Redskins lost a trademark decision after a federal agency ruled the team’s name disparaged Native Americans, threatening millions of dollars in sales of everything from football jerseys to beer coolers. Ira Boudway has more on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Patent and trademark office mean for the nfl?

Maybe not as much as we all thought.

Trademarks exist outside of registration.

They exist the for registration and can exist without registration.

You can have an unregistered trademark and still go and sue someone for infringing on the trademark.

Then you show that you do not maybe have registration, but you have been using it for commerce, and therefore it is yours.

The redskins are not necessarily facing the possibility of having no right to use the term "redskins" or their current logo, but they are facing a legal authority in the u.s. saying this is a disparaging term that you are using and we don't want to recognize it.

That increases the pressure on them to change the name.

Does this have any affect on the road fees that would be collected by either the nfl team owners on behalf of merchandise that is sold that bears the redskins logo?

If the redskins continue to use the name, and if the sales continue at a similar rate, then they could -- and they split that third one ways.

Everyone but the dallas cowboys shares in the merchandise from the nfl.

Then they will be able to go after trademark infringers.

Does this mean that people will want to buy gear that has a racial slur on it, according to the appeals court at the patent trade-off is?

Maybe, -- the patent trade office?

Maybe, but there has been this changing tide from any -- from many.

Able are already disinclined to buy it.

It certainly adds to the voices saying that this is not a name nfl -- any nfl team should be using.

They are part of this trademark decision, since they are one out of 31 teams.

I would think they would want to look at how this reflects on the nfl.

You are 1/32nd of the brand of the nfl.

From that perspective, you might hear from dan snyder or the other owners.

But it does not change the legal claim to the name.

It just means that if you were to look up in the registration database if this ruling is upheld, which we should note that appeals have been successful for the redskins in

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