What Okta's CEO Learned From Working at Salesforce

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Nov. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Okta co-founder and CEO Todd McKinnon discusses the company's business model, the future of computer security and why he left Salesforce.com with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

How individuals seized opportunities, turned disappointment into being prepared and in the right place at the right time.

Joining me is todd mckinnon, the chief executive and cofounder of the cloud security startup, give us -- startup, octa.

You are at a startup that made money, went public.

It found a good dream.

Why did you leave?

It's good to be here.

For me, it was someone that thought opportunity and did not want someone else to go chase it.

I had to do it.

Tell us about when that moment actually happened to you.

You've got a background in technology.

Where did you discover you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

Like you said, it was a great job at a great company.

I don't number the exact moment, but i would talk to a lot of cios of large companies and saw how they struggled with the cloud and mobile and merging into the i.t. landscape.

I thought opportunity and what it required.

Tell us about what okta does.

It is an identity management service.

We connect the applications companies employ to their users, and also to their existing networks and infrastructures.

We allow the in dash the end- users to log into the applet -- we allow the end-users to log into the applications.

Can you give us an example of some of your customers and how they are using our technology?

Sure, a good example is allergen pharmaceuticals.

It uses our communications system for their portal, which is where the doctors prescribed their medications and treatments.

They log into okta to do that.

You have raised about $80 million so far in financing.

What do you want to do next gecko $80 million, and we close our last round last summer.

It is about growth.

We have about 500 customers today for my names like clorox, gm resorts, linkedin.

We are very excited about the success that our customers are helping -- having with our products, helping them to move forward.

We will have our first customers conference on monday.

We will get our customers together and celebrate our successes and announcements about products that are coming.

We hope to expand into japan and asia pacific.

We have already expanded into london.

You worked with salesforce.com.

What did you learn about starting a company?

B is a great leader and a great inspiration to me.

I learned two things from him.

One is, it you have to think big.

The second thing is, while thinking big was a big vision, you have to execute soundly.

He was brilliant at both.

How are you being operationally sound?

What are the people you are hiring and what are the challenges?

You hit the nail on the head with people.

The biggest thing i spend most time on his customers and the people.

Recruiting, making sure people are happy, motivated.

People have a lot of choices today and we try to attract and retain the best.

Where are you finding these individuals?

Are they talent coming out of universities or from other companies?

Give us an idea.

We do a lot of diversity hiring.

The good thing for us is the legacy vendors in the world, the old guard of i.t., people are moving on from those companies and they are talented people.

We are hiring them from the old vendors in i.t. what is the plan for okta in terms of financing?

Have you spent the $80 million?

What kind of revenue are you

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