What Microsoft Encryption Plan Means for Consumers

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Dec. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Microsoft will expand the use of encryption to protect customer information, following reports that governments are intercepting data traveling between users and servers or between company data centers. Veracode's Chris Eng comments on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

President of research.

This is interesting to me that the government is in an arms race with a u.s. company.

What is microsoft proposing?

They are proposing a few things.

This is going to be good news for consumers.

You get additional security without having to do anything about it.

The trend has been to increase the amount of places.

This was the trend.

This is really a continuation of the process.

A year ago your facebook was not even encrypted unless you specifically ask for it.

Today it is always encrypted for everyone.

We are seeing it move in that direction.

There is a data in utah where the nsa is opening a physical facility to do the kinds of commuting -- and crippling that has never been seen before.

Is that what we are looking at, the best tech minds of the best tech companies?

Something like that, with the big data centers, the assumption is they are going to be cracking encryption on a large scale.

That is what one microsoft encryption is working against.

The idea of perfect forward secrecy is going to make it difficult.

If i was capturing all your traffic that was encrypted over five years hoping i would ea able to one day crack the key -- one day be able to crack the key, that is something that was possible before.

With this secrecy that is no longer possible.

That makes the impact of cracking any key much less for the consumer.

It makes it more difficult to do.

I understand why microsoft is concerned.

The kind of information they want might he found on facebook.

It is the aggregation of all the information, whether it is e-mail or facebook.

It is all of that metadata put together that creates an overall picture of the individual.

Any data that travels over the internet is subject to eavesdropping by any of the private companies that make up the internet.

This is not ultimately a new problem.

It is something microsoft and google absolutely understand the risk of.

It is something publicly coming up.

It is a bigger problem.

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