What Makes Maker Studios Worth $1 Billion?

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May 7 (Bloomberg) -- Maker Studios Chief Content Officer Erin McPherson discusses media convergence, what makes the company worth a billion dollars and their channel partnership with film maker Morgan Spurlock on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Falls under the maker banner.

Great to see you and good to talk to.

My voice is shot from last night . we had a great time on stage telling the world our brand story, or should i say the advertising world, our brand story.

It highlights our upcoming content offerings.

You have got everything from epic rap battles with history, which may be some of the most popular stuff ever done, to no teaming up people like morgan spurlock.

What is behind the partnerships unveiled yesterday?

Click our mission is to empower creators and inspire discretion.

Makers are sitting at the convergence of media.

The situation with new media and traditional media like tv and film.

A partner like morgan spurlock, for instance, is a perfect maker creator.

We are really excited.

We announced a championship with morgan called smart-ish.

He will be producing his own program.

That is really one of the differentiators.

We have a global network of creators, a reach with creators in over 100 countries, and we are bring in the best from hollywood and youtube to create content together.

We are really a place for collaboration.

People interpret maker tv as a home where the maker content can live away from youtube here and what is the strategy?

We launched maker tv at the start of the week.

It is our own proprietary player and platform, to give audiences and brands a deeper and more immersive experience than youtube.

Youtube is and is going to be our biggest distribution partner.

Maker tv allows us to curate a best of experience of maker's content, from comedy to games to music to fashion and beauty, and then really partner deeply with brands.

Audiences will be able to experience a best of.

Think of youtube as a place for big audience and maker tv as a place to build brand.

Everyone has been curious about disney's purchase of maker.

There have been hints at the kind of ways you will be working together, maybe with short form content type to disney brands, star wars references.

What can you tell us?

We are so excited because there is a natural fit between content verticals.

That is how we are organizing content.

. really, we are looking to power short form expression of all kinds with the disney library and new disney combat -- content.

We had miskicking on stage with our unity icon, and then we teased an amazing opportunity with star wars, which is already one of the most beloved brands across the network.

We have 10 or 15 seconds left.

Disney will be curious to find its next generation of stars.

What makes someone successful in an online video?


Armadas rrs -- are authentic and are passionate about what they're saying and doing.

Authenticity and passion shows through on the platform.

That is a key to great digital form content.

Keep it real.

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