What Makes Hang Seng the Strongest Bank?

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June 16 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg Markets Magazine Executive Editor Ronald Henkoff discusses the criteria for their list of the world’s strongest banks and what made Hang Seng the strongest. He speaks to Rishaad Salamat on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move Asia.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Seng -- give us an idea of some of the preconditions to get on the list.

We assess the quality of their assets, their reserves, balance against the extent of their risks.

They're not very exciting banks.

They are very safe.

That is one way of putting it . take it early with what the world has been through and the banking industry has been through with the financial crisis of 2008 in 2009, safe and boring is a good place to be.

Many are warning that hong kong could be facing a property bubble.

It could have a negative impact.

They have faced that before.

It is cyclical.

Hang seng bank is prudent and well protected in terms of balancing its risks with its reserves.

Eight out of the 10 of them on the list are asian banks.

Out of the currency crisis of 1997 and 1998, the regulators here are mindful of what can happen and have imposed reserve requirements that tend to be in excess of what is required by the bank of international settlements.

Hsbc and standard chartered are not on this list.

We rate only the top 20. you have to have assets of $120 billion.

There is only one u.s. bank, which is u.s. bank corp.

Of minneapolis on the list.

None from the list.

What is stopping them?

As i said, it has to do with

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