What Lessons Did Former Hostess CEO Rayburn Learn?

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Jan. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Kobi Partners Managing Partner Greg Rayburn discusses lessons learned from Hostess Brands bankruptcy on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Great to have you.

Happy to be here.

I think that the number one question that we have is what did you learn most from that?

There were a lot of lessons for a lot of people on hostess.

I think that it is really hard, one thing that you learn is that it is very hard to predict what people are going to do, given and what you think is logical and what should happen.

What do you think?

Emotion can drive decision- making.

For unions, or credit makers?


One of the unions was being driven more by emotion, then maybe by their well-being.

If you characterize what they did in terms of strikes and what going workers just didn't washington state in terms of initially saying, no we reject, and then as of the other day, they have an agreement.

They do not realize what they would have to take.

It keeps jobs, and he keeps those people employed.

I think the economics, they are what they are under the sea of -- under this business environment.

I was glad that they made that decision rather than going with a more emotional decision.

When it first came out faisal of interviews with them on tv, and they work saying like our workers were setting up a time.

If we -- were saying at the time, that if we give anything, they will just go and take more.

We have a hostess cam for you.

We stocked up.

We're going to check in to see how long it takes for our new seem to eat up the table -- news team to eat up the table.

How long do you think?

My youngest son who is nine will be disappointed if i do not bring some home.

When it all went away, he was like daddy, why did you do that?

Someone who'll be not touching post this, because of

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