What Katzenberg Really Thinks of Diller

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Dec. 5 (Bloomberg) –- On today’s “The Scene,” Bloomberg's Jon Erlichman discusses the debut of the new "Kobe 9" sneaker and DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg's comments about the future of the U.S. movie market. He speaks with Adam Johnson and Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Both are changing the game.

First up, kobe bryant, the guard cosart down with jon erlichman.

He joins us right now.

Kobe has been sidelined by an achilles injury, but he has been keeping busy off the court.

What is he doing?

He is always keeping busy.

You are right, this is a city full of celebrities.

This is a guy who stand out not just in basketball, but in sports around the globe.

He is a superstar in china, where basketball is a huge sport.

You are right, he has been sidelined with that injury, but he has had time to roll out his new nike sneaks, kobe nines.

Always a lot of fun stuff that you can talk to kobe bryant about.

Recently michael jordan made a lot of headlines for highlighting what his dream team for a pick up game would be.

Kobe actually wasn't on that list.

I figured you know what, let's see what kobe's dream team would be.

Here is he had to say.

I would do magic, myself, bill russell, kareem abdul-jabbar and larry bird.

There you go.

No michael on that list, but everyone needs their time with the ball, so you have to think creatively about who is on the part with you.

I have talked to kevin plank about this.

And they are trying to make some inroads in terms of basketball.

What is it that the competitors to nike need to be doing in order to sort of take on more market share, especially globally?

Internationally is something i know underarmour is looking at.

One hundred percent.

The partnership he is go beyond being an endorsement deal.

Nike has led the way.

It brings another storyline to these products.

Kobe had this big event here in los angeles, and it didn't feel unlike one of the big product events that apple has.

Kobe tells the back story on how he decided to design a shoe.

He has been on this road to recovery.

Everyone wants to know when he can wear the shoes on the court.

I asked him if he may be playing friday night?

Yes, i probably will be wearing them.

I probably won't be on the court playing, but i will probably be wearing them lounging around.

A lot of speculation on when he will come back, but he is hinting towards the weekend.

I am sure the lakers would enjoy having him back on the floor.

Thank you very much, jon erlichman.


move over, america.

Before the end of the decade, the u.s. won't be the biggest movie market.

That is according to jeff katzenberg.

He was taking to josh.

Five years from now, china will be the number one movie market in the world.

We are $10 billion in america today.

They will be $3.5 billion this year.

In five years they will surpass us, and they will surpass us in many of these ways just purely on the numbers.

Katzenberg was asked about bring dille.

Bring, who is an amazing man, honestly without question, one of the most brilliant people even to this day -- i still think he is one of the most amazing, brilliant, inquisitive, intellectual mean bastards i have ever come across.

He wasn't the only executive katzenberg talked about.

Here is what he had to say about spielberg and david.

To this day, even though david is retired, he is still the boss.

I sent peabody and sherman over to him to look at it, to see if there is any last-minute coaching.

That will never change.

As c.e.o., dreamers katzenberg has produced it.

He produced the croods and turbo.

Another one is due in march?

Will you go see it?

I might.

My girls liked frozen a lot.

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