What Is Yahoo Worth Without Alibaba Stake?

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April 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Nick Thompson and Mark Terbeek, partner at Greycroft Partners, discuss the value of Yahoo and what comes next for the company after Alibaba’s IPO on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

What marissa mayer is doing with the core strategy?

Then we get the cash and it is valued on its own and it is a big problem for marissa mayer because nothing is really going that well for yahoo!. she said all the right things.

She so we are going to go mobile, do this, do that, content, tv, and what do you use ? you do not use the weather app anymore.

This is a fancy bloomberg graphic.

.66, that is the profit move for ali baba.

Times, this is what yahoo!


It equals 15.84% of the applied yahoo!

Lift which is baloney.

There is no way yahoo!

Can grow at that.

How overpriced is yahoo!? i think it will be priced correctly estimate it is done -- how much will it go down?

If you take out ali baba and you take out the cash, is the rest of yahoo!

Worth more than zero?

That is something that has been debated.

It is probably worth a little more than zero but not a ton.

What do you think ali baba is worth?

150, i am not sure.

Under 150? right around there.

How do you do find the yahoo!

Business today?

With her higher, they are still trying to focus on search and still trying to manage their display advertising business.

But i agree, the huge part is the option a® la the of what else could it be.

It certainly could be an online video port.

That might be where they have their best shot, but they have not proved a -- proved it.

You drive to san jose or i go to pile out so -- palo alto to discuss economics, what is in the building?

Mark, what is in that building right now?

The thing that is happened since she has got there is the change that dynamic of what people in the human capital market think about the company.

Sales guys -- it is cooler than what it used to be.

If it transpires to anything, we will see.

There was a huge debate when she took over -- it should be a content or technology company?

Nobody can explain it and she comes in -- it should be a technology company and now it is becoming a content company and back to the whole, what the heck is yahoo!


Despite hiring people and making yahoo!

Cool again, there is a big underlying problem.

Obviously she brought in bobbi brown, the makeup mogul.

What does she need to do to monetize?

What she needs to do a much better job of selling advertisement.

Facebook and google figured out how to sell ads on mobile extremely well.


Is in the same business.

They talk about the same thing.

But the numbers are not close.

He did break out a little bit of the mobile growth.

Very small.

And you look at facebook -- do you use any yahoo!



i use the weather.

I used to use weather, but this is what i don't get.

The graph shows online video where everybody wants to go there.

You are going to love me for this.


Bought bobbi brown -- they brought her in.

She is a makeup mobile and will anchor all of the beauty coverage -- makeup mogul.

Who is joe zee.

Editor and chief of "elle" magazine.

Nick, i think we just covered more pop culture in the past 90 seconds them the past three hours.

In the next hour, i'm very own matt miller, cargill room, -- car guru is at the auto show.

We are on bloomberg television, streaming live on your tablet, your phone, and bloomberg.com.

Tom wants to show you his map once again.

Here he goes.

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