What Is White House Endgame for China Spying?

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May 20 (Bloomberg) -- On today's “The Agenda,” Tom Keene, Scarlet Fu, and Adam Johnson look at trending news stories and the Twitter question of the day on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

And corporations plays into our agenda perfectly.

Our agenda, mine, of course, is what happens to credit suisse after they plead guilty to the criminal charges and paid $2.6 billion in penalties.

What about this guy?

I go to the culture of zurich , this will be a struggle for mr.


Read the magazine article in "bloomberg view." it speaks to the skepticism that people have over this complex rights deal.

Even for mario draghi, this is a big deal.

Vladimir putin, russia, china, potentially putting together some sort of $400 billion deal for the chinese with natural gas.

Looking at the gas problems in the observer, some of them got to cheap.

They need to.

Interesting, right?

The problem with europe?

We can find other markets for our gas now that the chinese are open to a good price.

Speaking of china, what is the white house and the game for charging chinese officials with hacking over cyber spying?

Some of the answers are to freeze assets and impede their abilities to travel to places with expansionism.

They have got every trick there to keep it under 140 characters.

That is a jampacked answer.

We cannot beat them in the long run.

That is the bottom line and a great tweet.

Thank you.

Third answer -- please, please stop spying on us.

Pretty please.

We do wonder, especially with the wall street journal reporting that this case against china is a prelude to other countries.

I go to an expert like adam siegel saying that yesterday was a day to remember.

Thank you.


chambers, chambers and calderon on the future of technology.

On the internet of things.

A lot of things to discuss there.

"surveillance" on radio continues on radio.

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