What Is Putin's Long Game for Ukraine?

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April 8 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Richard Falkenrath discusses the Ukraine crisis on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

I'm confused.

Richard falkenrath is not.

He is a bloomberg contributor.

There is a theory confusion right now.

What should we focus on?

We should focus on p utin's long-term strategy to ensure that the government in ukraine stays reliably pro-russian in its orientation.

I don't think he is obsessed with the short-term calculus of what's happening in the streets in these particular cities.

Can ukraine straddle and be pro-russian and pro-nato at the same time?

Very difficult to see how.

That is one of his red lines.

He will not permit the expansion of nato or the european union in the ukraine.

How does he accomplish that?

He does not do it by militarily carving off the eastern province.

I think what he is going to do is let the ukrainians do his work for them and put them on so much pressure that they essentially fall before him.

There's a lot of questions about the spontaneous unrest that came up last night.

The west accuses russia paying agitators.

Russia saying u.s. mercenaries are involved.

There is a lot of back-and-forth.

I can really substantiate this claim made by the russians.

The counterclaim that there are russian intelligence agents inside the protester groups is right.

That is not disputed by anyone.

With the special services infiltrating spontaneous protesters, i think there is genuine sentiment among ethnic russians in eastern ukraine and backing them up with 40,000 troops 30 miles away.

They are going to sit there for as long as this crisis goes.

Always ready to come in and impose a military solution if the ukrainians failed to solve it, which they gave every sign of going.

What does mean that the pentagon has sent a guided missile destroyer into the black sea?

I don't know what they're trying to accomplish with that because there is no military scenario.

Even if there were, one guided missile cruiser in the black sea would just get destroyed by the russians.

I'm a little puzzled.

They're maintaining the international rites of passage through the -- i know you were looking at a couple of newspaper articles in terms of trying to answer who's to blame for all of this tension in the region.

What have you found?

There's a general sense that the u.s. and the west miss read a vladimir putin ended for a long time.

They're guilty of -- i think they have looked at him for a long time and now listen to him.

And seeing russia as they would like it to be rather than how it is.

The foreign minister wrote in the guardian over the weekend -- this line is incredibly telling where he writes the world today is not a junior school where teachers assign punishments at will grade he is.

This is important -- what is the language right now between the leadership of the united states and russia?

They are talking past one another.

The russians are speaking a link which of power and the rest of the world wishes that were not so.

But it is.

This goes to the imf meetings starting on thursday.

Would we see the world outlook today?


The chief economist will be on market makers.

She will be with erik schatzker and stephanie ruhle at 10:00 a.m. does ukraine take over the imf meetings?

They have to accelerate this aid package that has already been announced.

There is no way that ukraine is not considered regular imf conditionality.

You say they miss read putin's intentions for years.

What did they think it was up to the e? they permitted nato to march right up to its borders in the baltic expansion.

The baltic republic are now in nato and they are in russian airspace.

How could you possibly have pulled that one off?

They're upset about it.

Which should be our response to the efforts in russia?

Our rhetoric and policy needs to get in line with the power reality.

The power reality is, we are not going to reverse this.

The russians have interest in that region and they are protecting them as we have in other parts of the world.

Until we recognize the power reality, we're going to continue saying things and encouraging local agents in ways that go beyond what can actually be a woman.

Richard falkenrath will speak on china in a minute.

The ncaa men's basketball final -- connecticut beating the odds and the favorite to win the

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