What Is Valentine’s Day’s Most Popular Treat?

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Feb. 11 (Bloomberg) –- Necco President & CEO Al Gulachenski discusses the business of Valentine’s Day and how his company continues to produce the number one Valentine’s day treat with Trish Regan and Alix Steel on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Joins us now.

These have been around since president lincoln stop 167 years.

What did they say then?

These things were different.

Some of them don't work now.

They said things like "saucy boy," and "i'm gay," for being happy.

Client those might still work today.

Were they made of the same ingredients?

They have not changed much in years.

We pretty much make them the same way.

Who decides what goes on the heart?

Who decides the slogans?

We have a talented marketing department.

We have a lot of suggestions from our customers falls we've even had const -- we've even had contacts in the past.

People can take a sweetheart thing for next year.

These are street smart special sweetheart.

We made them specially for you.

The roundup.

Trish regan, you have your own sweetheart.

In yellow, one of my favorite colors.

These are great.

I'm curious to the difference in how important valentine these sweetheart and what they can do your rounds -- year-round?

We like to believe it is a brown -- a branding can be a year-round brand.

Can you give us some hints?

Think about how important breath mints are.

Recommends for love.

-- recommends -- rough -- breath mints for love.

It is all about the same.

Tell me about the company.

Are you still headquartered in new england?

X we are based in massachusetts.

We have made all of the candy in massachusetts for 167 years.

We're proud to be a manufacturer in united dates.

-- united states.

I grew up about an hour north of that factory.

It is amazing to think that it

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