What Is the Price of Reputation?

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March 19 (Bloomberg) -- Reputation.com Founder and CEO Michael Fertik discusses online reputation on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Brands as well.

So, i am going to pick out three here to talk about, their reputations.

The first i want to talk about his mcdonald's. a company that has been under fire.

Last week we saw a lawsuit launched for wage theft.

Anti-obesity momentum in the u.s. hurting mcdonald's. how do they get out of this?

Mcdonald's is caught in the middle of the obama minimum-wage discussion.

The loss from a franchise owner who seemed to have been holding wages, allegedly.

The obesity thing is probably the biggest thing.

But the effect to its stock price, one indicator of the effect, they are relatively flat over the last year.

Sort of stabilizing, not a big issue.

I will say this, but donald's is probably going to have to pull an apple.

They will have to look at third-party approvals and audits of how they behave and get some third-party stamps of approval.

That is how they will probably proactively get out of this long-term.

What about target?

A lot of people not target or being so breached, but they did well.

The breach should not have happened.

It was too basic.

They let go of their ceo, they made a brave choice to be open about it.

If you look at the fourth-quarter sales, they are down only five percent in the midst of the firestorm.

They are being very transparent and handling it as well as they can.

What about sheryl sandberg?

Van bossie.

I kind of like that campaign.

She is doing well.

Her brand is increasingly political.

It feels very media savvy.

Band bossie is very catch phrasey.

It looks more and more like she is going to run for public office, which a lot of people think she will.

All right.

Michael, great to have you.

Thanks for joining me this

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