What Is the True Objective of a Strike on Syria?

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Aug. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Richard Falkenrath updates the latest on Syria as the presence of U.N. weapons inspectors potentially delays any U.S.-led strike and examines what is to be gained in an attack by the U.S. and its allies. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

What we are saying in a clear and decisive, but limited way -- we sent a shot across the bow saying stop doing this.

That can have an impact on our national security over the long term.

It may have an impact in the sense that chemical will -- weapons will not be used again on civilians.

Present, -- president obama speaking of a limited strike on syria.

There has also been talk of a computer attack.

I have been reading about this.

It just gets deeper and deeper.

The former white house adviser and director of national security adviser is here.

Do i understand the u.n. has x number of people on the ground in syria?

Weapons inspectors are there to investigate the allegations of chemical weapons.

The report from this hour is that they are in rebel territory, where they are collecting samples to see if they can determine what chemical was used.

Are they blocking the efforts of united kingdom and the u.s.? the country can be attacked while the u.n. inspectors are there, but it is unwise to do so.

Many people in the u.s. government would like to see them out of country, report to the security council.

This may.

Sink -- thi8ss may not sit well with the president's military strike plans.

Since the action will not have the authorization of the security council, president obama wants as many partners with him as he can get.

He needs to take it in front of the security council one last time for the resolution to be vote down by the russians.

How important is the possibility of a response by iran?

It is a factor.

They do not have a block where they can keep us from acting.

What does our audience need to know writedowns?

-- right now?

What do we need to know about what our soldiers and sailors are doing?

The weapons we would use can attack from much further away, in some cases from missouri.

We have a missile from mo.? -- missouris?

-- missouri?

I wonder what the danger is in terms of having this public debate?

It is an excellent question.

We are a democracy.

What is the objective?

What are we trying to accomplish if we use force in syria, which everyone expects us to do?

Since the president says it is not regime change, what is it exactly?

Is it to show we will not put out hollow rhetoric?

Are we saying it is ok to fight it out?

Richard will be here each day over the three day weekend.

There is new information on that.

We want to get to alix with more company news.

The u.s. airways merger is at risk.

The government wants to start the trial in march.

The hearing on the matter is scheduled for tomorrow.

Caballero one expands into energy.

They have advertising firms in the oil and gas industry to increase revenue outside its consumer credit card lending business.

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