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March 6 (Bloomberg) -- “Modern Pioneering” Author Georgia Pellegrini discusses her book on Bloomberg Television's “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Look up to you and women who meet up with you and kill their own food.

I meet up with women across the country.

Those are the things that scare you a little bit, riding an atv to the mountains or fly fishing or hunting.

And killing an animal and bring it home for your children.

I love to fish and i love flyfishing.

But i don't need that many of the fish i take him.

I throw almost all of them back.

You are playing with your food.

I know this, if everyone followed your advice and went out with a rifle or shotgun and got a deer, or took those 3000 fish out per mile, there would not be any left.


That is what this is about.

It is about getting back to the land even if this is your patio planter, or the fire escape.

The idea is rolling up your score -- up your sleeves and getting back even in small ways.

I don't expect everyone to hunt their own food but there are ways to be successful.

Can we all have a garden?

We can have a fire escape garden or anything networks for us, a back alley even worked.

Are you getting pushback on the importance of gulf control -- gun control, people who don't feel good about hunting?

I don't, because i see everything through the lens of food, first i am a chef.

It is not about the guns, it is about getting back in touch with the ingredients.

This is really not a good thing.

There are ways to get around all of that.

What, ultimately, are you trying to celebrate?

When you are trying to get back to the way that things were done before, is this because wild meat and heirloom vegetables grown in your own backyard, they may be, they might taste better?

They certainly do taste better, but this is more about getting back in touch with who we are as humans.

We are so focused on what we are doing in our fast taste lives, we don't know much about the world around us and doing things with our fingertips.

Things that are good for you, or delicious.

I think it makes us better as membranes and better stewards of the land, and a better consciousness.

What projects are you working on right now and what are they about?

I am posting my own commune in the middle of april, and it is so great to have these women comes who are strangers -- come who are strangers, and there is a sort of girl bonding.

Women who come together and have fun in the woods and also have great food at the end of the day.


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