The 'Super Secrets' of Apple Design Guru Jony Ive

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Nov. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Author of "Jony Ive" and "Inside Steve's Brain" Leander Kahney discusses the challenges of writing books about Apple with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Prime sense.

They are best known for developing the motion detecting chip in the connect -- kinect.

That is where they are most well known.

This gesture-based technology.

What is my iphone going to be able to do because of this?

That cannot do now?

We will have to wait and see that.

Apple has a history of buying companies and then incorporating the future technology.

In the most recent iphone 5 you can unlock your phone by using your fingerprint, but it could be television or something we are not thinking of.

There is a lot of speculation out there but a lot of it is just that.

Seems like it could be pretty useful.

That is some of the speculation out there.

Apple has been buying up chip companies.

What does this mean for samsung, for example?

Apple has done a lot of that, you are right, and they are designing their own chips that they can customize to make the iphone work in a more efficient way.

Samsung is still a big partner of theirs and they make a lot of the chips that apple designs, they are kind of the manufacturer of it.

This is a move towards distancing themselves from samsung down the line?

It is still such a bizarre relationship.

They are huge rivals and yet samsung makes many of their components.

It is absolutely a complicated relationship.

I do not know how much this company has to do with that, it is more customized to 3-d imaging.

Obviously they see it as a technology that differentiates them from other companies.

As far as that relationship, it is a funny one.

We will have to see how this technology acquisition plays out in future products.

Thank you.

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