What Is in Steve Jobs’ `Time Capsule’?

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Feb. 24 (Bloomberg) –- National Geographic Channel’s “Diggers” Co-Hosts “King” George Wyant and Tim “Ringy” Saylor discuss what they found digging up Steve Jobs’ time capsule that he buried years ago. They speak to Emily Chang and Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

This priceless artifact.

How did you find it?

We had a lead, or our producer did, about the time capsule that was supposed to be dug up after 20 years.

Nobody went after it.

We tried to give it a shot.

We wanted to find it.

I want to have you explain the show.

What is "diggers"? it is a show about us, basically.

We go around the country and dig up different artifacts that are lost in time.

They usually tell a story about something.

Anything from billy the kid all the way up to what some people consider to be a modern thing.

The time capsule that was buried in 1983. yet it was intended to be dug up.

It was intended to be dug up in 2000. it was kind of lost.

There was some new landscaping.

Everybody kind of forgot about it all stop we come along 13 years late, but we still found it.

Kind of an odd thing for our show.

We are used to using little metal detect spurs false -- detectors.

We find maybe civil war bullets.

In this case, we found something really.

Tell us about the process.

How was the digging process different than some of the things you do?

We are looking at video of you guys excavating quarters.

We usually go after one item, one hole for one item.

It is weird for us to go after a big object like the time capsule.

It is exciting.

There is pressure involved because there is a lot of time, a lot of money, a lot of phone calls involved with that hot.

Normally, that is not what we do.

Something big comes with a rewards, obviously.

Is this essentially "antiques roadshow" with a shovel?

I you trying to find something worth something, or historical artifacts?

This mouse is both.

There are a lot of things that are worth absolutely nothing, and yet they have extreme historical importance.

That is really what this show is about.

Someday, we may get lucky and find a pirate chest full of gold.

The chances of that happening are miniscule.

This is really about the historical stories that come about when we dig this stuff up.

There are thousands of artifacts.

They are all going to the aspen historical society.

They will be put on display for everybody to enjoy.

I understand you have the lisa mouse with you on set.

Can you tell us what condition it was in when you found it?

This is the actual mouse that steve jobs used at the conference.

He actually unplugged it, gave it to a guy that was there, who donated it to the time capsule.

Everybody at the conference donated stuff.

There is literally thousands of stuff crammed inside of this old tube.

But this was the price, right here, steve jobs's mouse.

The cohosts of the national geographic show "diggers."

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