What Is Blue Nile's Cyber Monday Strategy?

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Dec. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Blue Nile CEO Harvey Kanter discusses the company's holiday season sales strategy with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Ceo harvey cantor with her -- with us now.

Thank you for joining us.

That was you earlier this morning.

I am sure that was fun and festive.

It seems as if you guys are selling more on mobile devices the servers the past.

Totaling 25% this year versus last year.

A nice, sizable increase in the mobile world.

Do you know who is buying what?

You bought these you to fully earrings for me to look at, which was kind of you.

Can you tell if millennial's for example are looking to buy their girlfriends or their wives something online and they look first of all on their smart phone and it seems like more traditional to buy this on pc or smartphone.

The industry-leading mobile or interfaces.

You can have the same seamless experience the matter what device you come from.

They come to a low iphone, move to a tablet, back to pc, and back to a tablet.

What are you finding?

Will people drop these earrings from the smartphone?

We have had multiple transactions on an iphone and tablet.

While they do not happen everyday, $40,000 happened regularly on a mobile device.

Quest that is more on engagement rings and christmas gifts and holiday gifts.

Quest more on engagement rings year-round beer in the fourth quarter, the mobile platform is totally oriented to the mobile consumer buying gifts.

You know a lot about your consumer.

What age group?

Am i right it skews younger and the millennial's are more comfortable dropping this kind of money on gifts on smartphones, or are baby boomers just as likely?

Our core customer, core marital -- male customer, 75% of our business, is about 30 years old, makes in excess of $100,000, and 84% of them have a college degree or dance masters degree.

Very much, they grow up with an iphone as their pc and are comfortable dealing with online e-commerce transactions.

Quest of that is what is happening in the states, you have two offices now in shanghai.

Are you seeing the same trends worldwide?

While it is growing quickly, the core customer is definitely becoming more westernized.

The orientation around a single setting engagement is very much on par with where the western customer is going in china.

We are seeing a great acceleration.

Asia-pacific and total represents 50% of our national business and a short time ago it was about one third.

We are investing in simple and traditional chinese, multiple offices, and bringing in the country soon.

You have been the ceo of the company for two years.

What has been the number one surprise?

The number one originally was the customers orientation to buy online.

With our education council guidance for a $7,000 product, having grown up on iphone, they are very comfortable and continued shift and acceleration

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