What Is an Ethical Hacker?

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July 26 (Bloomberg) -- Immunity Inc. Senior Security Researcher Alex George discusses cyber security with Carol Massar on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Great to have you here on taking stock.

I have to ask you, what is an ethical hacker?

I suppose you could say an ethical hacker is a hacker who appears on tv to answer questions on occasion.

Really, what that means is that companies hire the folks i work with to come in an attempt to break into their computer assets and divide weak points -- identify weak points.

He had been a sever security field since the age of 16 years old.

Talk to me about this case in particular.

This is a big one.

How does this kind of relate into the field of data hacking that is out there?

This is interesting because it is connected to another case.

Through mr.

Gonza lez.

Earlier, this year, several years ago, there is the t.j. maxx breach him away neither -- a number of americans went to jail as a result.

The sad folks who were involved with that, but it is a continuing scheme that went on from 2005-2012. in total, there were about 17 corporations that were affected by this.

A lot of them being financial corporations.

Nasdaq and dow jones.

For a scope perspective, this is big.

Talk about those financial firms.

How much of risk our financial firms when it comes to hacking?

They obviously are the targets here.


I think financial firms were the intended target.

However they were also retailers.

I think the biggest risk comes from insiders, malicious insiders.

This is interesting in that this all happened externally.

A simple type of vulnerability.

It is actually simple to resolve , find, and fix.

What was surprising about this was that it was so effective.

About 12 out of the 17 corporations were able to be penetrated in this way.

With some of our viewers are concerned about, the nasdaq is also targeted here, can a stock exchange be manipulated?

What's i think absolutely.

There are a couple of of things to consider here.

One of them is that you may not have two-minute delay the exchanges directly.

My ability to connect through the computer on the exchange isn't necessarily a question three can a minute let the data that somebody is relying on to make their decisions?

Can i target a traitor that has access to a trading application question like that is a much more simple rosses.

It has probably already been done.

And it comes to exchanges, the thing you are concerned about is a rogue trader out the.


That is true.

Or have been -- there have been a dozen cases of people labeled as rogue traders.

One of the scenarios that i think is pretty plausible, one of the ones that i am doing for clients, hacking a traitor -- trader at their desktop.

I can become the traitor -- t rader.

I can become a rogue trader without their knowledge.

When you consider how quickly most raids happen these dates, you balance equations a little bit.

Things can spiral out of control.

Can cybersecurity keep up with the hackers that are out there?


I think that there is -- you hire firms like the one i work on to constantly test your networks.

A lot of these companies made a significant investment in cybersecurity.

Here we are having this conversation.


Good point.

Thank you.

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