What Happens When Women Make More Money Than Men?

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May 9 (Bloomberg) -- Author of “When She Makes More” Farnoosh Torabi discusses her book about the consequences of women making more money than men on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Points for men and four women, but so far, what has been the response?

Wax people have said thank you for writing the book.

This is a taboo topic.

We do not talk about money in our culture to begin with, but when it comes to the relationship and the financial flip of is she making more, it brews a lot of opinions, but nobody had a rulebook.

There is also a lot of complexity when you look broadly.

When she makes more, there is more divorce, infidelity.

She could feel -- he could feel emasculated.

It is uncomfortable.

Nobody really wants to talk about how much money they make anyway, so what was the most startling, or what were some of the most startling findings you discovered?

Aside from the divorce and infidelity, she actually does more housework than a woman that makes less and research believes this has to do with her psychological thinking where she does not want to be considered a threat to her husband.

If she knows that her income, her greater income could potentially be a threat to him, she wants to overcompensate.

Another startling statistic is that when she makes more she is more likely to opt out of the workforce, quit her job altogether, that is if she perceives her job and income as being a threat to her marriage, and, if her husband, of course can jump in and be a breadwinner and support the family.

That is really horrible news, not only for her personal income, but for the economy.

Where does that leave the gender pay gap?

Who are some of the women that you talked with?

All sorts of women, all different fields, not just six-figure, high-powered women, but single moms, women who found themselves in the predicament, middle-class families, single women that are navigating the new landscape, finding themselves a bit of a rude awakening, wanting to find their equal in terms of income and education, but as you know, if you are under the age of 30 in this country and a woman, in most metropolitan areas you are outer in your male counterparts.

If you're looking for the narrow equal of your power coupled to oh, that can be challenging.

Did you find there are some industries where it is less so that women make more?

I think, since we are so business-focused here on wall street, there is a paradigm of the man making more, and the woman stays at home.


Just to remind people, when she makes more than her husband, is clearly the gender pay gap exists widely in industries like wall street.

There is a whole chapter dedicated to career, which helps women navigate the gender pay gap at work, while also navigating home.

Anything positive?

Rock certainly.

This is why i wanted to write the book.

-- certainly.

This is why i wanted to write about.

It starts with the facts, and in the rules, the recipes for couples to ultimately thrive.

Quickly, the headline, you have to be able to override gender stereotypes and expectations of what it means to be in a relationship, and what money means.

If you think money means power, you are in for a rough ride.

The couples that thrive are able to roll up their sleeves and do what has to be done, and that is a common phrase i heard from men, especially those that say if i have to be the stay-at-home dad, take over the cooking and cleaning, fine, if that is what i have to do to make sure the family is taken care of.

Who is -- whose responsibility is it more to try to make the piece, the woman's responsibility, or the man?

It takes two to tangle, but

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