What Happens When Women Make More Money Than Men?

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June 10 (Bloomberg) -- Farnoosh, Torabi, author of “When She Makes More,” and Barbara Corcoran, founder of Corcoran Group, examine the complexities of relationships when the female earns more than the male and how American society views traditional gender roles when it comes to money and families. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

Making more money in the house.

Is society ready for that?

There is nothing wrong with it.

We want to celebrate this.

The complexity arises when she enters a male/female relationship.

There is a higher chance for divorce and infidelity.

Society is not ready for this.

Pugh did a survey last year.

Most people believe it is the man's responsibility to be equipped and ready.

They don't have the same expectations for women.

This raises a lot of complexity when you're in a marriage.

Men feel emasculated.

Women can become resentful.

There is a lot of emotional turmoil.

Can super ambitious women who also want to have families really make it to the top?

For the most part, ceos have a spouse that doesn't work.

If they have a working husband, is it possible?

They have a great babysitter.

They have a housekeeper.

Can you have a top position as a ceo and be the mom?

It is very difficult.

It has nothing to do with the facts and more to do with aspirations.

Most women don't want to sign up for the power game.

They don't want to report two aboard.

It is a lousy job.

Lousy job at doing it and being a mom?

Maybe they want to have that giant job.

When you have to get on at plane -- a plane 35 weeks he year, a lot of women don't want to do that.

There is a more -- more of a chance to she will opt out of the workforce if she feels it is a threat to her relationship.

They are not making it work at home.

Institutions are very greedy.

The work laces not conducive to men and women to have a work life balance.

Affordable day care on site, is a win for everyone.

It is not just a women's issue.

It is a benefit for companies when families can thrive in the home place.

If they can make it work with their kids.

They can be more productive at work.

How are men responding to this reality?

There is more infidelity.

Is that on both sides?

I have a stay-at-home husband.

I am the breadwinner.

He helps out no doubt.

I can't wait to fool around.

I have been propositioned on live television.

These men who aren't faithful are alpha males.

Now super successful women are super -- alpha females.

There has to be balance.

That is a recipe does it for -- for disaster whether they are working or not.

There is only so much time in the day.

You have to make compromises.

Who is going to be that person that is ok with taking a step back from career?

Alternately somebody has to.

If people have kids and housekeepers and nannies and all the plates are spinning, when one of those plates falls and somebody has to address it, who is it going to be?

It is always the ceo of the household which is always the mom.

A lot of people want to be somebody else.

The best news for all of the working moms are starting their own businesses.

They are not going for the corporate ladder.

They want to be in charge.

I worked for myself.

I could manage my schedule and my life and have a family and be getting up every morning and putting on a suit at 7:00 in the morning.

It can't happen for me.

How many years away are we from meeting a successful woman and her stay-at-home husband?

How many years away are we from being ok with that?

When is that going to change?

It is not going to change so much.

The truth is it is an ego issue.

Guys want to be the breadwinner.

They want to be the caveman.

The wife was the caveman.

If the wife becomes the caveman then she is always apologizing for the husband.

It is a terrible thing.

It is harder for the guys than it is for the woman.

It is tougher on the guys.


You are trying to reverse 10,000 years of acculturation.

It is difficult.

This is just one of those areas.

It doesn't change so quickly.

Which is tougher, to be a woman and a man's world or a man and woman's world?

That is a really good question.

It is probably tougher to be a woman.

Life is more challenging for women.

Just a little detail of having kids.

We still have to be the ones to carry the child for nine months.

We have this instinct to want to be at the forefront of mother duties.

At the same time, even if we have all of the doors open for us just as men have it, we still have this as well.

That is an extra layer that cannot be taken lightly.

I had my first child at 46. i had no responsibilities.

I was doing whatever i wanted to do.

Once i had that child, it was an interesting lesson and again change.

Sibling rivalry, i wanted to be the best boss at work and the best mom and home.

I couldn't do both at 100 and 50%. i sold my business.

When you are an aggressive woman and you want to get out of life everything you want, you've got to make those compromises much more so than the men have to do it.

And that is the truth.

Was the biggest take away since you wrote the book?

A lot of women identify themselves as feminists don't want to hear that there is a book like this in 2014. they get angry and i can understand that.

I can say please read the book first.

The most successful families where she makes more are the ones who can do away with gender role stereotypes where they are in it as a team.

They recognize that they have insecurities and ego and all of that plays a role.

You have to be able to communicate.

Our families in urban centers?

Even suburban families?

All over the country.

Thank you so much.

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