David Einhorn: Unimaginable U.S. Defaults

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Oct. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Greenlight Capital President David Einhorn discusses the U.S. government shutdown and his investment ideas on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

About the shutdown?

What does it mean for the world economy?

I think that almost everybody just wants there to be a deal.

We have a divided government.

There is a reason why we have a divided government.

You have a president and two branches of the legislature.

The americans want a divided government.

They are supposed to negotiate, or straight, come to a deal.

It does not even seem like they locked themselves in a room and did their best to find a middle ground.

They just kind of take the point of view and say, hey, we are not negotiating with the other guy.

I think it is embarrassing to all of them.

Embarrassing, yes, david, but to your point, this is exactly the way the constitution wanted it to work.

Perhaps not precisely.

Will the wisdom of winston churchill proved right here, that the americans will do the right thing after every option has been exhausted?

It is unimaginable we will go through the deadline and they will default on the debt.

Frankly, not working this out so the government shuts down is bad enough.

It does not seem that they tried to sit down to or through differences.

That is the tone in washington.

It is a real shame.

Are you ready for some of these names?

Bill ackman, david einhorn, stan druckenmiller -- why are they getting together?

The first ever robin hood investors on friends.

We are joined by a dear friend of mine, the cofounder of the robin hood foundation.

If anyone has a cool 7500 ox in their pocket, they too can have -- 7500 bucks in their pocket, they, too, can have a front rows seat.

It is about talking about where the world is knowing and how we can profit from it.

You have david tucker, and of course, david einhorn.

How do you get these guys to stand up?

We have not seen a lineup like this.

How will they get the message to your audience?

All these people are committed to saving lives in new york city.

They are all deeply committed to what it is we do and the process we go through to invest their charitable dollars wisely.

Is this a rich man's charity?

7500 bucks.

Is that a lot to ask?

New york city tourists do not have anywhere near that money.

That seems like a high number to me.

It is a high number to help those people.

There are lots of charity events in the city and it is $10,000 a seat were really good high- profile event.

Here, i think you will get the value of that.

You will have the experience of meeting the other people who are there.

In addition, we are having dinners where people can buy this up to meet with individual managers and have dinner on thursday night.

Are you going to give real trade ideas?

I promise to give real trade ideas.


Are the worthy places where people like yourself present great investment ideas and those people pay money to attend that money goes to charity.

Is it possible -- i do not want to say the word "rob" --is it possible by giving your attention to this other worthy causes will not be supported?

I think there is a well reasoned view that robin hood is an organization worth supporting because of its tremendous efficiency.

All of the ticket sales, 100%, goes to the causes.

Is that tax deductible?

All but $800. so, yes, people have choices what they want to give too, but i think robin hood is extremely efficient both in terms of the way the money is allocated and evaluated.

Robin hood is extremely diligent in making sure there is a return -- often a multiplied return -- on each dollar invested into the charities helping out with poverty in new york city.

I think people think where -- this is where millions of dollars have to go.

Give us the dirty truth.

How do you pick your speakers?

We are thrilled that everyone involved with us has volunteered.

I am going to be there.

I did not have my green mountain coffee roasters morning.

-- green mountain coffee this morning.

Are you still short green mountain?


It is one of the toughest things going on in our portfolio this year.

The books are over caffeinated, if you will.

There is no doubt they sell a lot of coffee.

We do not think they sell anywhere near as much as they say and there are real discrepancies in the accounts.

We had an analyst at couple weeks ago and they were asked to explain the numbers, and the ceo's cavalier responses to do not to straight numbers.

If you do that you into this -- if you do not get into this on an investor call, when are you going to?

Is this monkey business?

So far green mountain has not been panning out for us.

They are losing market shares in their stores.

Their platform has been commoditized.

The prices are falling.

I think they will miss on the business side from an earnings perspective sometime over the next year.

Ultimately they will be commoditized away.

In addition you have the regulatory risk when someone wakes up one day and says these numbers are not what they are represented to be.

We have watched the verizon deal.

Everyone and their brother wanted to get involved.

Is there just enough places -- just enough -- just not enough places to invest?

Our role in this was we own vodafone which was selling his stake to verizon wireless.

You have been big on vodafone going back at least three years, right?

They got almost no credit for their stake in verizon wireless.

Now we see that was a very valuable stake.

I think vodafone remains pretty attractive, because once you strip out the consideration for verizon, the rest of the european business -- are there opportunities in the u.s. for vodafone?

No, i think vodafone exits from the u.s. if nothing else i could be a target for someone like at&t that was to get exposure into europe.

Vodafone held on for a long time before it finally gave up the 49% stake in verizon wireless.

Could they have held on longer?

I would give vodafone an a or an a-pkus on this negotiation.

For years, viral -- verizon wireless said, you are a minority, we are not going to pay you dividends.

They try to squeak these guys out.

It turned out they could not bridge the great act.

Vodafone held out.

Verizon came back to the table.

They paid a higher price than i think they even would have paid in the spring.

You still see promise in vodafone as an independent company even without verizon wireless.

I guess what i'm trying to say is why is that?

I think about verizon itself, and i think about verizon ex- wireless, and there is almost no money at all.

When you strip out the verizon wireless valuation, you are buying it at two or three terms less comparable companies.

I think it has better prospects than many of its peers.

When you sit here today, what does this do for your business?

I know we like to curate.

You are going to the robin hood conference.

Give me an understanding.

Why do you want to do this?

I think it is healthy for investors to share ideas.

I think it is supportive of the country, the capital markets.

The feedback you get when you stand up and present an idea, with her it is good or bad or people are throwing tomatoes, it is useful feedback and i am happy to have it.

From a charitable respective,

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