What Gamblers and Investors Have in Common

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Oct. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Professional Poker Player Vanessa Selbst discusses gambling, investing and playing poker with Betty Liu and Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Dominated game here?

I think it is a male dominated game for a number of reasons.

I think generally in our society, the hyper aggressive attitude you need to have to dominate in such a competitive environment is really frowned upon.

We are taught to be a certain way.

Could you see why these wall street players could be good at the poker table.

Go absolutely.

Ever taking cal located risks and these guys are good in math.

You're trying to keep track in a certain way of what cards might be out there.

There's also another skill that's really important is the ability to take down swings and i guess just really be ok with losing for a long time in a row for a long string because just like the vements you might have some investments that might have been a good idea.

In a typical poker game you're playing far very long period of time.

Which hopes to sort of even out some of the fluctuations you might see in shorter games.

Out of all the people at the table, all the personalities, what struck out at you?

Well, they are all really interesting personalities in their own way.

David einhorn is very focused.

It's very clear.

He sat down at the table and he was there on a mission.

Bill perkins likes to have good time.

He actually plays in a lot of professional tournaments.

David einhorn does as well.

I know bill.

He plays in a lot of sort of high-stakes games around the world.

Fun guy.

Big personality, is that right yes.


Have you taught these guys something about risk?

Well, i haven't personality -- personally, but i'm sure they have talked amongst each other.

Well, david is patient as an investor and you see that at the poker table as well.

He was very patient.

He was very calculated.

So it's interesting to see how their investing strategy plays out.

And it's just like pork, because there's so many different strategies.

You can take -- some of the best players are the ray gressive ones and some are the ones that wait and pick their spots.

There's no one strategy that's the best.

What would be the thing that you would say most people do wrong?

If they don't play their hands aggressively enough, they might get scared that they might not have the best shooned they don't maximize their games when they have best hand.

Because they are fear snull yes.

And the case that they are losing but if you're -- you have a good hand you have to go after it.

So you're a big-time player.

You're a woman.

So how do you capitalize on your brand?

Have you?


To some extent.

Think at lot of other female players look up to me, because there atlanta many tpwhim this industry so just by doing what i'm doing with the playing the bigger tournaments with the bigger buyins.

Did you start in high school?

I played in college and my mom was an administrator and also a poker player.

The link again.

A lot of these guys started in high school.

David einhorn didn't start until about seven years ago, so he is relatively new.


I guess -- the cards actually at my desk.

Because i've been working on my own skills, but it's impressive, i think, and it's exciting that a woman is doing so well.

And a lot of celebrities have come out and have started to play poker.

Does that help the game?

Absolute lit.


It's so much fun to play with celebrities and have them excited about the game but then i also think poker has had a lot of bad rep in the community because when it's in the same casino as craps and that but when celebrities and others take part in it people think it's more legitimate.

Also thank you trish regan for bringing that to us and don't miss wall street on bloomberg television.

You can also watch poker night on wall street live on your android device or windows phone.

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