Colors for the Apple iPad? What to Expect Today

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Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Jon Erlichman previews today's Apple event on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)


Well, there's going to be all sorts of apple news.

Let's start with the traditional ipad, it's going to be thinner and likely to have a faster chip.

Could have a new camera and new fingerprint technology and maybe new colors and on the smaller ipad mini we expect a higher resolution screen and the possibility that the current ipad mini on the market will come down in price.

That would open questions about whether they are looking to grab some more market share.

Obviously apple likes to leave room for one more thing but even this was an event largely about the ipad, that matters to investors.

This device represents 20% of the company's total revenue.

Remember in 2009 this was nowhere to be seen on the financial statements of apple and represented zero percent of revenue.

It is clearly a very important part.

John, tell us what else we should be watching for today as they take the stage.

I think that there's obviously there's question about whether or not we're going to see lots more competition.

Players like google and amazon are fighting their own piece of the market share and if you look at the pricing we've seen from the likes of google and amazon on their devices in some cases they have been coming up with similar-size devices comparatively to the ipad mini.

This is the kind of announcement that will likely show up in apple's first-quarter results because that includes the holiday period and we have seen those numbers climbing in recent months.

So what's going to produce success for these ipads?

We have seen in the fiscal first quarter for apple steady year over year for the past three years monster growth for this device and i think a lot of people have asked the question can apple continue to grow that the same rate especially with the likes of google and amazon, even markets like china they are looking to grab more market share so a lot of things to chew on.

We will look at that later lineup.

Jon erlichman our senior west coast correspondent, thank you.

Moving and shaking this hour, netflix c.e.o. red hagsings is on a share.

They rose another 12% because

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